Updated guide lets you dig history, dude

Remember last year's nutty Hook cover story on roadside historical markers? Well, now, thanks to the UVA Press and the state's department of historic resources, there's a vastly updated guide to every marker in the state.

To coincide with this year as the 80th anniversary of Virginia’s first silver-and-black signs focusing on the state’s history and just in time for that Jamestown 400th thingie, the Department of Historic Resources announced the new guidebook last night.

The new $19.95 guide features almost 900 new or updated replacement markers installed along the Commonwealth’s roads since the last edition of the book was published over a decade ago. So get out yer GPS and yer taste for history, and check 'em out!


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Dude, where's my history marker? What, is this some schtick to sell me on the concept of touring around and checking our history markers?