Beth Duffy back on air– at new station

Beth Duffy signs off, but she doesn't stay off. Yes, one year after leaving NBC29 as the morning anchor, Duffy is headed back behind an anchor desk– only this time she's working for her old station's competition, the Newsplex.

Duffy's non-compete clause expires in March, according to Newsplex general manager Roger Burchett, and she'll go on the air in late March or early April. "I don't know what date or what shows yet," says Burchett. "It won't be in the morning. That's per Beth."

It was those crazy early morning hours for nine years and the dream of living a life that didn't include waking up at 2am and going to bed at 6pm that, she said, led Duffy to sign off from NBC29 March 2, 2006. Within days, she landed a job in sales with the new station.

"I hate to lose her out of sales," says Burchett. "She smoked."

The Gray Television-owned Newsplex has been teasing Duffy's return in various basketball-game appearances inside the John Paul Jones Arena as well as airing a promo based on a game show in which the answers rhyme with "Beth Duffy, " such as what happens if the Vampire Slayer dies? Answer: Death Buffy.

Burchett figures that if Duffy goes back on the air by April, "That gives her 30 days to get back in the saddle before May sweeps."

Duffy left broadcasting once before; she worked seven years for Wachovia before returning to TV and starting over again in Kirksville, Missouri. Burchett isn't surprised that she will end up back in front of the camera again.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife about exactly which of the Newsplex anchor desks Duffy will land behind. News director Jeremy Settle wants to drop the ABC news at 11 (see this week's Hook), but will Duffy go for the swing shift after tasting the joy of 9-to-5 sales work? And if she's goes on the news at noon and 5, she'll compete against her former colleague, Kristina Cruise.

Is Duffy's new gig shaping up to be the battle of the network blondes? Duffy is in Saudi Arabia now and did not return phone calls, but stay tuned...



Great news! I always liked her style! :)

Do people care who reads them their news, particularly local news? I have my doubts.

I didn't notice she was gone, but it's nice to read that she'll be back. Many in the current cast look like their moms pick them up and drop them off at work every day.

As a client of Ms. Duffy, I have throughly enjoyed working with her (and increasing my revenue). I'm positive that she will command a big prescence on the airways.

Welcome back Beth!

The Duff rocks!

to compare kc from nbc to Beth Duffy is laughable. Beth is and always will be a true professional!

I have enjoyed watching the new stations cover charlottesville news...rarely seen before now.
Beth will be a great addition to their lineup.

Look for great things from Beth and whichever station she anchors!

Beth Duffy Rocks!

maybe nbc29 will have to cover CHARLOTTESVILLE instead of the cows in Augusta County. NBC 29 has fallen hard. I doubt they will ever be the station they were. I LOVE CBS 19. It's about tiome we had a choice in this town. And hey, NBC 29...I don't care about what is going on in Harrisonburg!!!!!!! ANd how did the heck did you get those weather people to dress in those tights?!?!?! Hold a gun to their head! How utterly stupid!

Looking forward to seeing Beth back...she has been greatly missed in the area as has Bill Duvall. They had chemistry like no other on-air team. Now if ya'll can convince Bill to return with Beth you will have a news show that can't be beat....WELCOME BACK Beth!!