‘You’ll pay for this’

"You'll pay for this," an agitated Anthony Dale Crawford allegedly said to his wife as her parents helped her move out the Manassas apartment the couple shared. The chilling testimony in Mr. Crawford's murder trial came this afternoon as the victim's mother took the stand.Mr. Crawford, clad today in a light blue shirt and navy cardigan sweater, showed no obvious emotion but instead stared calmly at his former mother-in-law Irene Powers as she revealed details of what she termed a "really awkward situation," the day she and her husband moved their daughter from the one-bedroom apartment the Crawfords had shared.

Mrs. Powers testified that Mr. Crawford said, "'What's your problem" and that her daughter replied, "It's you."

Three weeks later, Sarah Crawford was found dead in a Charlottesville motel room that had allegedly been rented by her husband.

"He wanted a room on the quiet side," testified Roxanne Johnson, the front desk clerk at the Quality Inn. "He said he'd been driving all night."

Ms. Johnson pointed out, however, that the "older white male" who gave his name as Dale Crawford along with the Crawfords' Manassas address arrived after 11am, before the noon check-out and before the 3pm check-in time. She reported having noticed that he'd parked a burgundy colored car at the farthest spot from the office even though there were no other cars in that section of the lot.


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