Wake up… and find a sitter

The primary roads were passable yesterday morning as this 8:50am Wednesday camera-stuck-out-the-window shot near Ivy Nursery on Ivy Road reveals. But 24 hours and one sunny day later, Albemarle County public schools are closed for the second straight day.

And real estate blogger Jim Duncan predicted this yesterday! "If you are thinking about relocating to the Charlottesville area," he wrote, "be prepared for two to three inches of snow to close schools for two days in a row (in Albemarle County at least)."

As County officials will surely claim (if they get to the office today), it's those secondary roads and private cul de sacs that prevent buses from safely turning– at least this is what they told us last time the Hook penned a why-the-heck-is-junior-staying-home-again story.

So working parents will scramble to "cough-cough" call in sick or hire some help. And then future school holidays will get snatched away as make-up days.

But here's another rub. Nearly all of the nearby rural school systems are open today: Greene, Fluvanna, Louisa, and Madison. Albemarle shares the closing distinction only with mountainous, sparsely-populated Nelson!

So get your sled out on the grass, kiddies. It's gonna be a long day.