HookCast for February 8, 2007

Is recycling worth it?, Gruesome murder trial, Two Dems want Goode's seat

(Re)cycle of life: We want to believe
We love to recycle. We love the feeling of saving the planet by chucking paper, glass, and aluminum in those nifty tubs on trash pick-up day. We feel so virtuous recycling– even when it doesn't make economic (or perhaps even environmental) sense. But just what is the state of recycling here? What really happens to all that stuff? And how much does it cost us? Lisa Provence takes a look and finds it's expensive but that we really don't care.


Crawford on trial: Gruesome shooting case under way
"We found a female body lying on a bed," testified Charlottesville police officer Lynn Childers on the first day of the trial of Anthony Dale Crawford, the Manassas man accused of killing his wife in a car, raping her body and posing it in a Charlottesville motel room. Thus far the trial has sometimes difficult to watch, but in print and online at readthehook.com/blog, we bring you our ongoing coverage of this sometimes bizarre capital murder trial.

Race is on: Two Dems vie to beat Goode
Since his first winning campaign in 1996, Congressman Virgil Goode has proven to be an unbeatable incumbent, winning re-election in each of the last five campaigns. Now, a former UVA history professor and an Iraq war veteran say they want to be the Democrat who keeps it from becoming six. But just who are David Shreve and Brydon Jackson?


Moran's plan: Supe stops alleged 'dumbing down'
In November, some Albemarle parents were blasting a sweeping series of proposed changes in the high schools– including converting Fs to "incompletes" and removing the traditional bonus point for Advanced Placement courses as "dumbing down" the curriculum. Evidently, Superintendent Pamela Moran heard them loud and clear and and the changes she is now presenting to the School Board don't include those most controversial proposals.

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