Jurors want to screen evidence again

The Charlottesville Circuit Courtroom was cleared of spectators tonight at 9:30 as jurors, now nearly four hours into their deliberations in the capital murder trial of Anthony Dale Crawford, have asked to see some onscreen evidence, possibly the videotape made at the Jacksonville police station after Mr. Crawford's arrest.

The video, screened at trial this morning showed him talking freely with Sergeant John Gay, a Jacksonville detective and dropping his bombshell:

“I know she’s passed away,” Mr. Crawford admitted to Gay and a partner, who encouraged him to tell them what had happened but asked if he wanted a lawyer on several occasions on the tape.

Mr. Crawford stands accused of murdering his estranged wife two years ago and dumping her body on a bed in a Charlottesville motel room. Although the defendant never took the stand, defense attorneys argue that the killing was an accident that occurred while he tried to commit suicide. Four days of testimony ended this evening at 5:45, and the jury may return its verdict tonight.

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