Crawford murder jury goes home

Deliberations in the four-day trial of a Manassas man accused of killing his estranged wife have wrapped for the evening, when the jury announced to Judge Edward Hogshire that they haven't yet reached a verdict despite five hours of deliberations including a dinner.

"We're going to call it quits for the evening, and I think it's a good decision," the judge told the cluster of spectators and lawyers at 10:45 tonight. The judge will reconvene the deliberations tomorrow at 8:45am.

Manassas resident Anthony Dale Crawford is on trial here for the abduction, murder, and rape of his wife, a woman who had lost around 150 pounds and was trying to build a new life for herself. The defense contends that several phone calls she placed to her husband are evidence that she went willingly with her husband and died when her unemployed spouse attempted to take his own life with a handgun, which she tried to wrestle away from him.
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