SGGL (all 4) to play Paramount

Almost anyone who attended a Virginia college in the '80s remembers the sweet sounds of SGGL, a popular band of Charlottesville pals who made people happy from Hampden-Sydney to Georgetown. Now Rusty Speidel, Tom Goodrich, Michael Goggin, and Michael Lille have good news for the old timers– and for others in Charlottesville who might want to get to know the band's smooth acoustic tunes and clever lyrics.

The four have a slot at the Paramount Theater, downtown Charlottesville's swankiest venue. The quartet played there last year, but this year's show– on February 25 at 4pm– has a twist: "We're more electric, but it only enhances the dynamics," Speidel says. He's referring to some new electric guitars– and the addition of drummer Robert Josp© and pianist Chris Holden.

But why mess with success?

"We felt like we were getting stale," Speidel says. "We needed the extra horsepower from the electric guitars, and the songs are more expansive as a result."

Lest longtime fans shriek with horror, he's quick to reassure: "People have been happy with the result," he says, mentioning sold-out shows at the Birchmere and Wolf Trap.

Old fans and new need to get in line ASAP for tix ($60 premier seating/$30 general admission). This is a benefit for Young Life, a group devoted to a local teen ministry. Thanks to great marketing by the group, Speidel expects this year's show to sell out fast.