Another wannabe sheriff ready to announce

Larry Claytor is hoping the third time will be the charm. Claytor will soon announce his candidacy for the Albemarle sheriff's job, from which Ed Robb presumably will announce his retirement Monday. Charlottesville police Captain Chip Harding gave notice this week of his intention to run as a Republican and will officially announce February 13.

Claytor works for the Albemarle Police department, and he ran for sheriff as a Republican in 1999 and as an independent in 2003. This time around, he's going to run as a Democrat.

Claytor will tout his forensic creds as an investigator for Albemarle. Harding is known for his efforts in forensics that gave Virginia one of the best DNA databases in the country.

The candidates have something else in common: Both are in their 50s and looking at mandatory retirement at age 60, while the sheriff can hold his job as long as he or she can get reelected.


I would love to see Larry Claytor win the election this time around,I don't think that the people in the county could get a better man for the job.

Not to take away from Larry's credentials, but Chip Harding, who is running for sherriff also, is nationally prominent in the promotion of DNA databases. Nationally! Following in Sheriff Ed Robb's footsteps (who was our nations FBI agent of the year in 1990), isn't it great that Albemarle County has such nationally prominent law enforcement officials like Robb and Harding?

I firmly believe that Chip is the better of the two candidates based simply on experience, innovation and supervisory experience.

But to better define the candidates, I found a website link to an interview with both men on the Coy Barefoot Show which seems to do the best job. Listen to the interview and the more experienced and more innovative of the two is very apparent. You decide.