Charlottesville ÂŒber-banker dies

Banker, community leader, and WWII hero Hovey Dabney has died at the age of 83, the Daily Progress is reporting this morning.

In a 2003 Hook interview, the retired chief of Jefferson National Bank (sold to Wachovia in the late 1990s) and former Rector of UVA revealed that his favorite book was Follow the River by James Thom, a tale of single-minded, against-all-odds persistence.

Dabney's own life was filled with persistence. As a B-17 radio operator, he served 24 more missions after his first one got shot down over Budapest. "Bailing out of a burning plane is not a lot of fun," he remarked. More recently, he served on multiple local boards, and noted that his proudest accomplishment was helping start the Health Service Foundation.