Schools to close… ’til spring?

There hasn't been a particularly white winter, but Charlottesville may see some weather tonight. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for Albemarle County for tonight that remains in effect through Wednesday afternoon.

Kids and skiing enthusiasts hoping for powder snow might be disappointed. As could Albemarle parents whose children missed two days of school last week– about one day for each inch of snow. Tonight's forecast calls for a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, with the Service suggesting that "icing from freezing rain could be significant."

"People are buying a lot of ice melt, a few shovels and heaters, in general taking stock of what they have in case of a bad storm," says Meadowbrook Hardware Inc. owner Ronnie Kite. "We had some weather last week, and a lot of big apartment complexes bought about 100 pounds of ice melt, and home owners are buying small containers for the steps and so forth."



Maybe the city will again dump pounds of hazardous chemicals ....err... snowmelt onto downtown sidewalks in anticipation of a storm that ultimately fizzles out.

I guess they close all the schools down for rain around here? What a joke.