Code Pinkers send Valentine to absent Goode

Cupid wing-clad Code Pinkers brought Fair Trade chocolate chip, heart-shaped scones to U.S. Representative Virgil Goode at his First Street Charlottesville office, which was last in the news when someone painted "bigot" on the window over the holidays.

The seven Code Pinkers– two more arrived late, showing why it's always important to be on time when sending a symbolic message– taped "Be Sweet and Stop Funding the Iraq War" to his window, read a manifesto urging him to get out of the war in Iraq, and then "symbolically" ate the scones they'd brought for Goode because the office was closed.


Mr. Goode represents the finest in Virginia. I'm sure you all agree with everything he says.

Pursue Charlottesville: Eat Scones.

And what the heck are Code Pinkers? You sure they're not Code PInkoes? And why must this photo be so big when I click on the small one?

I think holding a kid upside down is considered a crime in California.

What ever happened to the Pink Fairies? Must have got lost at Uncle Harry's last freakout! Are you serious? Why must you make protesting war look so rediculos.


Have you seen nbc29 today? It seems that Mr. Goodeygoode is at it again.

Kids with no life's experience armed by liberal parents, liberal schools, & the liberal media telling the world what is wrong with itself. Wow, isn't this really new to Jeffersons town? How original. It is funny they were never instructed or educated to address the wrongs in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, the wrongs in North Korea or in Syria. What experiences will these pink and colorful people going to tell us about next. We need harder and tougher liberal instructors at UVA and County Schools so they will be worrying about their grades and about graduating. Or, maybe they have been told by their professors to not worry the future, not to worry about their grades, because the capitalist will feed them through the Democrat social programs and taxation of the future. All they need to do is just stand in line for their money and their food. How lovely, how nice and how soviet. Doesnt that remind you more of the old soviet union. Keep em starving and worrying about the next meal and then they wont worry about social causes and issues. Maybe I best be quiet and return to my 80 temperatures here at Fat Point. Until the next lib outing, see ya later.

Ah yes, Code Pink. The organization that protests outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center every week. The protesters there often include Code Pink's founders.

Who in their right mind would protest where wounded men and women and their families are going through so much heartache? The only good thing about it is seeing the ambulatory soldiers flip off Code Pink.

Who in their right mind would join such an organization? (That's a rhetorical question, btw. We all know the answer.)

Just who do those code pinkers think they are? Are they like retro hyper activist for the war in Iraq just like nearly 40 some years earlier to the .Nam war? My word!

They probably think they're American Citizens, who have the right to voice their opinion(s)? I'll be the first to agree...when it's closing time, ya gotta go.

"You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" ~ Unknown


"If you don't work here, if you don't sleep here, if you don't sleep with someone who works here...get the **** out! ~ "Daryl Grant" of Farmville, Va.

Now, assuming they were "released on their own recog", did they come back the next day? Inquiring minds...could really care less. All in all, they seemed to want to draw attention by getting arrested. NOT THE WAY TO DO THINGS. Virgil Goode could care less, I'm sure.

Elect people who share your views, campaign for them! Don't harrass elected officials.

J T Strong (not jimmy)
Formerly of Buckingham County, Virginia