Protesters arrested in Goode’s office

Three Iraq war protesters took seats on a sofa in Congressman Virgil Goode's Charlottesville office and refused to leave when the office closed at 4:30 today. Arrested, presumably for trespassing, are, left to right, Jeff Winder, Sue Frankel-Streit and Shelly Stern, some of whom are "Code Pinkers." Another dozen or so protesters milled around outside Goode's office across from Gravity Lounge.

The war objectors requested that Goode sign a pledge to vote against President Bush's request for another $93 billion to fund war efforts.

Esther Page, who runs Goode's Charlottesville office, has seen occupations before, such as in 2003 when protesters refused to leave shortly after the war began. Today, Page closed the office and left promptly at 4:30.

"We plan to do this again," promised organizer Jennifer Connor.



Will he be serving shrimp cocktails at the next protest?

I'd a killed 'em with Kindness if I'd a been in me office.

Ah yes, Code Pink. The organization that protests outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center every week. The protesters there often include Code Pink's founders.

Who in their right mind would protest where wounded men and women and their families are going through so much heartache? The only good thing about it is seeing the ambulatory soldiers flip off Code Pink.

Who in their right mind would join such an organization? (That's a rhetorical question, btw. We all know the answer.)

You should be far more concerned about the people INSIDE Walter Reed. It's a cesspool, and an abomination. Who in their right mind would look the other way in the face of the conditions there and the sub-standard medical treatment casualties receive there?

But what do you expect when Shrub keeps cutting funding that actually does support the troops? At a similar facility in Georgia they were charging soldiers recuperating from serious war injuries $8 a day for their meals. Is that how you support the troops? Would you protest such insanity? Or does it not actually exist because it was reported in the Washington Post instead of on Faux News?

Cheers to those who chose to civil disobedience.
Our supposed representatives are not listening--
(or just listening to their pocket books or main stream media)


Codepink women for peace have put together some of the most creative and thought provoking actions.

The cesspool is any anti-war march. Those who all of a sudden love our troops now call Walter Reed a cesspool. They fake that concern because they don't want to be seen for the fringe nuts that they are and they want to sell their lies to middle America. I'll bet that none of those freaks know anyone inside the fence on that post. I've been helping out in a small way at the building. been there, done that. Kerry got booed at Walter Reed if you want to know about Walter Reed. Murtha says he visits often. Nobody mentioned it to a Congressman? Yeah right, Murtha didn't know. Or did he know and ignore it? Either way, if he points a finger at anyone else, he's an ass for doing so.

Hey Wilma, Code Pink sends money to terrorists. You down with that?