New plan for CVS on Ridge/McIntire and West Main

"It lives," laughs Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review vice-chair Syd Knight, recalling the previous plans for a two-story CVS building at the intersection of Ridge/McIntire and West Main, which the BAR did not respond well to. "...with a different developer and a different configuration."

On November 28, the BAR voted to reject a proposed design for the pharmacy on the site of RSC Equipment Rental, a project that had the developer and BAR members at odds for months. At issue was a "false" second-story design, the use of vinyl trim and columns, and the general appropriateness of the design.

"It was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole," said Knight at the time. "All the things about the building were not suited to the site."

"The BAR down there doesn't understand economics," groused Richmond-based developer Rob Hargett, who admitted he'd grown impatient and angry with the BAR's insistence that he follow their guidelines.

The new project, although spearheaded by a less contentious Richmond-based developer named Bob Englander, seems to have grown more ambitious.

At a February 20 BAR meeting, Knight says Englander talked about plans to build a 9-story mixed-use edifice on the site instead of the original three-story building.

"They're trying to completely rethink the project, and do it right this time," says Knight.

PHOTO RIGHT: This was the two-story plan for a CVS that the BAR rejected.


But there's already a CVS down the street... can't they put something else in the new space?

2-3 stories would be a waste of space, when so much more could be put in that highly visible spot. Makes more sense to build up than to build out (and sprawl all over the place).

Thanks for reporting on the BAR meeting. I have been wondering.

How can the new developer be described as "less contentious" when he's building something giant-size?

What's wrong with "giant-size".....Cville is a city isn't it...? Time to grow up...