Sahara crossed… by runners!

Remember the run across the Sahara? Well, it ended last week, Tuesday the 20th actually, and we finally caught up with one of the guys along for the ride, former Charlottesvillian J. Tayloe Emery who penned an account for the Hook's December 21 edition.

"They finished in 111 days covering over 4,000 miles from Senegal to the Red Sea in Cairo," Emery said earlier today. "This is the first time in modern times that the entire width of Sahara has been run– and possibly ever."

The expedition was called, obviously enough, Running the Sahara; and the saga of the three runners will soon be a film documentary, thanks in part to at least three Charlottesvillians: Emery, musician Peter Griesar, and National Geographic reporter Donovan Webster.