Code Pinkers arrested again

In this week's sit-in in U.S. Representative Virgil Goode's Charlottesville office, three more Code Pinkers refused to leave until Goode signs a pledge that he won't support any more funding for the war in Iraq. Yeah, like that's going to happen... So promptly at 4:25 today, Charlottesville police arrested this week's sacrificial, pink-clad lambs: Jennifer Connor (left), Mary Grace and Priscilla Sonne.

"Mama, hug me before you go to jail," said stilt-wearing Jenneca Graber-Grace, 10. More than 30 people came to protest the war in Iraq– and provide street theater and coordinating pink banners.

Last Wednesday, three other Code Pinkers were arrested for refusing to leave Goode's office. Susan Frankel-Strait, Shelly Stern and Jeff Winder head to Charlottesville General District Court at 9:30am Thursday.


Silly neo hippies.

They should auction off those pink drumsets to raise money for their legal defense!

Goode rocks. At least it seems that way, since Virginians seem to agree with his beliefs.

C-Ville is so Goode.

those activists are part of a national movement doing the same thing in many congressional offices, Occupation Project.

Virgil Goode supports the tobacco industry, is against same sex marriages, supports the Minuteman who self appoint themselves to tote guns on the US/Mexico Border, has stock in defense contractors-- not to mention that the word BIGOT was painted on his door recently due to anti-Muslim comments. Yes, Virginia, why do you keep voting for this person?

The Occupation Project is active in over 33 states and have had over 100 arrests for nonviolent, civil disobedience.

Wake up, America!! Things need to change!

Wake up Albemarle, Charlottesvillians are you still asleep! Where are you Fluvanna, Louisa, Orange, Buckingham, Nelson and beyond. Wake up. Clear the sleep from your eyes and see what is really going on about you in your beautiful countryside while you snoozed in so-called security. As you work, as you slave away, these protesters have time to play games with government and pester good people who do good things for you which you can not do for yourself as an individual. You natives are not liberals, not moderates, but you are conservatives. You may agree that you are weak and you do not speak out except in silence at your breakfast table. There are those who have taken your voice away from you and if you leave them alone, and you do not confront them, well, you will own nothing and they will own You. Do you know these left thinkers and act-outers are being confronted elsewhere in the US. So, you should counter them the next time they come out to interrupt the good work of US Rep. V. Goode and others. Sit back in silence and You will lose all you have gained working your lower and middle class jobs with private times that includes hunting, fishing, TV, golf, church and family there in the peace and quiet of central Virginia. You better get politically involved and confront these community livers. The liberals and their liberal mindset have swept into Central Virginia like it was all done in the dead of night. Silently and steadfastly they have come. These little tribes proliferate and migrate and spill unbalanced speech to minds that are not set with life's wisdom. Time is their friend as they suck up your free food, government assistance and cover their moves under religion. God will truly bless them if they are believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Check out where they live in Trevilians, in Goochland or elsewhere. Do you wonder how they travel across our nation? Some have been in trouble in Colorado, in Georgia. They get about better than many of you. Ask yourselves these simple questions and go to the officials and inquire. Learn how they buy land with socialist support from groups such as the Virginia Organizing Project. Wouldn't it be nice that your children could buy land like they have in the past. Spend some time and learn about the project. Learn how they travel and all the freebies that they consume or ask for. Has anyone asked why they don't work like you and me? Do they pay Federal Income taxes? Do they pay State Income Taxes? Do they pay on the things they barter and trade? You pay every day. Do they pay everyday? I would say their intentions are totally different than most of the people in and about Charlottesville. Their homesteads are not few, but might be many which are amongst you. The total arrested is now 6 in two weeks. Hmmm? Loads of free time on their hands. Learn-study about them? Wake up. Get off the sofa! Ask questions of the authorities, especially about what they are doing with the cell phones they are obtaining that you have discarded for a newer more up-to-date phone. That thought kind of worries me some. Well, back to work...

When it comes to protesting war, we should concentrate on being taken seriously. All other political agendas should be put aside. You do not have to be a moderate, liberal, democrat, or anything else to see that all war is unjustifiable; including the one between Code Pinkers and elected officials.