Live From… the Satellite Ballroom

Several months after debuting as a work in progress at the Virginia Film Festival to a thunderous mix of applause and guffaws, Live From... the Hook, a documentary film created last year about the music scene in '80s-era Charlottesville, will be unveiled in its final form tonight, Friday, at a special event at the Satellite Ballroom.

Charlie Pastorfield, the guitarist who narrates much of the film, says that he's seen it evolve since the October debut. "Somebody found some footage that was filmed at a couple of Easters shows," he says. "They had some footage where the camera was tied into the soundboard, so the sound quality was really excellent."

The addition of the new material takes the total running time to a marathon two hours, but those who stay all the way through will be rewarded with a 90-minute set by Alligator, the Grateful Dead cover band Pastorfield shares with fellow "Live From... the Hook" narrator Bob Girard.

But why close the film with a cover band when it so lovingly examines the careers of bands like Captain Tunes, Skip Castro, and Johnny Sportcoat? "It's the biggest band around, so it encompasses more people who were in the movie," says Pastorfield.

Doors are at 7pm, and tickets range from $15 to $40.


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This film is a must-see for anybody who appreciates local rock music. It's quite funny, and of course has a killer soundtrack.