Kaine to sign HPV vaccine into law

Virginia will become the first state in the nation with a law requiring girls to receive a potentially helpful– although controversial– vaccine against some sexually transmitted diseases. The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot reports this morning that Governor Tim Kaine says he'll sign the bill that would add a cervical cancer vaccine tested at UVA to the battery of immunizations Virginia's schoolgirls receive.

The bill that Kaine says he'll sign, HB2035, would add the human papillomavirus vaccine, or HPV, to the array of "required" vaccines but allow dissenting parents to opt out for their daughters. The AP notes that only one other state, Texas, requires such vaccine, and that move came from an executive order.

Currently, pharm giant Merck and Co. is the only maker of the vaccine, dubbed Gardasil, and Merck stopped its lobbying for the drug three weeks ago after its motives were questioned.

The vaccine is controversial because, administered as a battery of three shots to middle-schoolers, it protects against a sexually transmitted disease as well as genital warts.

Pictured here: UVA pathologist Mark Stoler, who wants a conversation with every parent in America. (file photo by lauren brooks)



I am horrified that Virginia would mandate the use of a vaccine with no real safety studies. The only data that exists allows a vaccinated group to be compared to another vaccinated group, and not to healthy, unvaccinated girls. Also, the studies available failed to test for safety in all age groups currently being targeted for vaccination. There are no long term studies demonstrating safety or effectiveness for that matter and some independent labs estimate that the rate of cervical cancer could climb with the use of this vaccine. I am ashamed of the lawmakers in the States of Texas and Virginia (so far) for not having the courage to stand up for our children, but rather allow the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical companies to persuade your decision making. Sleep well.

Amen!, Amen!, Dr. Cleveland. If I lived in Virginia or Texas I'd opt myself and my daughters right out of the state. Thanks for speaking up. Hopefully more medical professionals will do the same this insanity!

Amen!, Amen!, Dr. Cleveland. If I lived in Virginia or Texas I'd opt myself and my daughters right out of the state. Thanks for speaking up. Hopefully more medical professionals will do the same and stop this insanity!

As I have said before - this should remind us of the nazi experiments during World War II - why is this happening? Time to stand up and be counted...!

Be safe and well all...

How many strains of HPV are there? Around 120 or so. How many strains does the vaccine immunize against? Four. Opt out. Anyone who allows their kids to be injected with ANY vaccine the government is pushing on society, or anyone takes a flu shot the government is pushing on society, is completely insane. The addition of mercury containing thimersol to vaccines in the early 80's was not an unfortunate oversight, folks. It was cold, and it was calculated, as was the CDC's coverup of the brain-damaged millions. A dumbed down, sick generation is far easier to control than a sharp-minded, healthy generation. There is proof of that everywhere you look.

Just to clarify, while there may be over 100 HPV strains, not all of them cause cervical cancer. The vaccine covers HPV 16, 18, 6, and 11. 16 and 18 cause about 70% of cervical cancer. There is theory that it may have effectiveness against other strains as well. 6 and 11 cause most genital warts. The research was done in girls ages 16-24. There is also a vaccine about to come out by glaxo-smith-kline that will cover only 16 and 18. The vaccine does NOT mean women won't still need to get pap smears. It does, however, mean that the population most at risk to die from cervical cancer (those without access to good preventative care) will have a good degree of protection. If you do not want your children to get the vaccine yet (until it has been on the market for a while), you do have the option to opt out! And if it's because it's an "STD" (albeit ubiquitous in the population at large), don't think we don't already vaccinate kids against another STD. We vaccinate Babies against Hepatitis B.
Here's an overview of the research from the cdc website:

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*"Vaccination" is not "Immunization."

*It is scientifically debatable whether or not vaccines have caused a decline in childhood illness.

*All vaccines are neurotoxins, carrying such things as virus, bacteria, animal blood or tissue, human fetal material, chemicals, preservatives.

*Contemporary cases of polio and small pox in the western world arise in individuals who received the vaccines.

*No vaccine is 100% effective, and some efficacy is as low as 30%. The immunization often 'wears off' in several years. This may leave adults without the natural immunity they would have acquired through disease in childhood--and the later illness is more severe.

*The CDC, the NIH, the FDA, and the pharmaceutical companies lie about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, through manipulating data, suppressing studies, and omission.

*Companies which produce vaccines are immune from lawsuits for damages or death.

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