A view of “The Beacon”

As we reported last week, developer Lee Danielson is reviving his 9-story Downtown hotel project, now called The Beacon-Charlottesville, which was re-approved by the Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review on February 20.

Designed by San Francisco-based architect Mark Hornberger, the new hotel will piggyback on top of the existing Central Fidelity Bank/Boxer Learning building (It will be nice to finally have a proper name for the building!) while preserving the existing black granite facade. As these renderings show, windows mimicking the the ones facing the Mall will be added to the 2nd Street side of the building, and a discrete entrance will be located on the Water Street side of the building.

According to Danielson, construction on the hotel will begin this summer, and should be finished in the Fall of 2008.

Photo Note: On left, the Mall side of the hotel. On right, the Water Street side. Photos courtesy Hornberger+Worstell


I am very pleased that a sophisticated hotel is coming to Charlottesville. But how much for a night there?

If you have to ask...

In any event, it will never happen...at least in our lifetime.

i assure you...the hotel will happen.