Those pink protestors are back

The Code Pinkers are back. They are the feminist group named to satirize the Bush administration's color-coded terror warnings who stage a weekly protest and sit-in at the Charlottesville office of U.S. Representative Virgil Goode and who occasionally get arrested when they refuse to vacate.

Today's event marks a merger of sorts. Although this is the third time that Charlottesville's Code Pink has occupied the local office of the Rocky Mount-based Republican lawmaker, this day's event is part of a national series of occupations by "Voices for Creative Nonviolence." More arrests are expected.



Who gives a crap? Now that the living wage issue has died down, the ultra-lefties need another excuse to skip work, skip class or put aside their bongs.

These folks have loads of free time. Who pays for their food? Who pays for their real estate taxes. They don't seem to work jobs like you and I. Why is it they live in on land titled to trusts. My name is on my deed. I disclose honestly that I own property. Maybe they get free things when they say they do not own land. Do they own land collectively? Oops, wrong word to use here. They must be partners! Yes, partners......

What happens when one of your children are abducted by aliens wearing pink?

You're right! How dare these people exercise their rights to free speech, freedom of
assembly and the right to petition the govt for a redress of grievences!

Excuse me, but I don't believe excercising you're right to stand for something you believe in is in any way a siginificant example thta you are un ultra-leftie as you say. You don't see Democrats calling people who sit and pray outside of planned parenthood ultra-righties. Saying that they're putting aside their bongs sounds more of an immature argument rather than a valid excuse, its manipulating stereotypes.

They can practice free speech all they like. My problem is with this newspaper repeatedly covering it. Aren't there more important issues in this city than covering the same bunch of political extremists who have nothing better to do than sing songs and paint banners about the war, feminism, the "living wage", fur, etc. How about a story about how much it costs to arrest these people repeatedly? How many crimes aren't being solved while the CPD drags these people down to the station to get booked every week?

So you think it's ok for these people to exercise their rights to free speech but not the newspaper to exercise it's right
to freedom of the press? Yeah ... that makes a lot of sense. If you dont like it... dont read it. It isn't as though the
paper is printing a single article that you're compelled to read. And so long as they're not using violence to promote
their agenda I'm going to have to call your classification of them as "extremists" a total non-sequitar.

I thought this was about protesting the war?

I think I'm gonna puke.

Wow...look at all I'm missing since I've moved out west! You go girls!