Earlysville farmer challenges NFL ref for BOS

Tis the season for candidates to toss their hats into local races, and Earlysville cattle farmer/teacher Ann Mallek officially kicked off her campaign today for the White Hall seat on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors currently held by David Wyant.

Mallek, 56, mentioned land use, often a sore point for those who believe it gives developers a tax break before they subdivide the family farm. Mallek called for a citizen committee to clarify land use guidelines and asked, "Should we continue to defer over $20 million in revenue annually– over 12 cents on the tax rate– to support land use taxation?" The candidate's own 21-acre Currituck Farm eschews land use.

Promising not to "sacrifice" the people in Crozet, she urges zoning exemptions to preserve downtown Crozet rather than the standard regulations that create "a new village in the middle of a field." She also pledged to work against policies that permit "unappealing neighborhoods" or try to squeeze too many units into the growth area.

An Albemarle native, Mallek graduated from Albemarle High in 1967. She currently serves on four committees to which she's been appointed by the Board of Supervisors, including the Acquisition of Conservation Easements committee, a zoning change task force, and two that look at transportation. Mallek is an outreach education coordinator for the Virginia Museum of Natural History, and she worked for Al Weed in his latest unsuccessful attempt to unseat Virgil Goode from Congress.

Incumbent Wyant has not announced whether he will seek a second term.