It’s official…Dave Matthews is a somebody

And you can be one, too, if you read The Nation. As the image at left shows, Matthews has lent his visage to the lefty mag's new subscription efforts, which feature various "somebodies" reading the magazine. Of course, no one who watched the DMB incubate in Charlottesville has failed to notice the still-growing omnipresence of The Dave, who recently made his first prime-time TV acting debut on the Fox show House, M.D.

The subscription insert came courtesy of former Hook columnist Bill Ramsey, who now lives in California and happened to open his Nation while he was watching Matthews' debut on House. Ramsey chronicled the adventures of the DMB in his column DMBeat, including a memorable meditation on Matthews' preoccupation with his bowel movements. Indeed, when Ramsey noticed the ad, he wondered if Matthews weren't enjoying his Nation on the can. "He is possessed of the talent of twisting his face into amusing contortions," says Ramsey.

The Dave's talented eyebrows appear engrossed in a recent issue of The Nation, which features a cover story about somebody Bob Dylan, and offers up the news that Dylan will be starting a new career as a DJ on the XM pay-radio network. Appropriately, it's a homage to Dylan from self-described "Dylan baby" Richard Goldstein, who, like so many of his generation, has been unable to escape the folk singer's cultural influence. Will The Dave's presence and potty wisdom be with us as long as Dylan has? Heck, it's been 15 years now, and he seems to be getting more and more famous.

For early Dave observers like Ramsey, there appears to be no escape.

"Of course, one random Dave appearance couldn't occur without another," says Ramsey. "Dave seems to show up unannounced in my favorite media... in my liberal magazine, on House... so I felt a renewed "connection" to him. When I was writing DMBeat, I scoured the web and every media for any mention of him and reported on the most inconsequential items. I was borderline obsessed– maybe past borderline, some would say. From a distance, I don't think about him or the band as much, so it took me back to the DMBeat days, which, by the way, I'm certain nobody but the Hook or I miss."


huh? dave sell out? really?

Anyone can sell out. Too bad it always cheapens your real worth. Charlottesville, wake up, stop celebreting your mediocrity. Go out and do something worthwile.

Dave sell out?? NO.....he just has a huge following that over pays him considerately.

Clem is a fag

I don't remember "The Clem is a fag show" ever selling out. He blows big time.