The Code Pink arrests, week 4

For the fourth Wednesday in a row, demonstrators gathered inside and out of U.S. Representative Virgil Goode's Charlottesville office to protest increased funding for the war in Iraq. Fueled by song, food, and indignation at Congress approving another $93 billion for the war effort, approximately 30 people gathered to watch the 10th and 11th office occupiers, Alexa Barratt, left, and Terry Lilley, get arrested for trespassing when they refused to leave at the 4:30 closing time.

"I just want to talk to my congressman," says Barratt before her arrest, accusing Goode of ignoring his Code Pink constituency that's besieged him with petitions to stop funding the war.

"Futile silliness," declares Republican Tom McCrystal, who ran for the House of Delegates in 2005. He, too, was sitting in Goode's office, but said he was not part of the protest.

The first nine protesters will be in court April 6 for "Goode Friday," says Shelly Stern, who was arrested in the first sit-in February 21.



I completely support this cause. So glad to see both pictured arrestees are not wearing pink. My past comments on this subject reflect the comical nature of this "code pink" thing. This subject is far too serious to even allow implicit humor. The guys in charge are the real clowns, you do not have to state with satire what they so adeptly do every time they open thier mouths. I also suspect some sort of hidden agenda in a protest group that appears to have neglected the other gender. This is about funding for the war in Iraq, right?

Protest by Code Pink. Well, give us all a break! How hippie, how 70-ish can some local folks get. I feel like I'm back at Woodstock or something similar to that. Ya'll best just keep wasting your time doing funny little stilt thingies, sitting in offices, viewing Cuban movies and arranging bus trips. This appears to be some sort of a social calendar for a bunch of lost hippies. You certainly are not acheiving a lot doing these little protests. You're a nuisance. Really, you are. Ya'll just continue to ignore the real threat that may come to your door some day. This world is made up of some serious and deadly folk who hate you a lot and will do you harm because your are an American and it does not matter whether you are a Code Pinker living in your tribal commune or an everyday worker with a blue or white collar with a wife and children at home. When will you all get a big set of the willies, wake up and start to understand how serious those mean people really are over in those foreign lands who are planning to do some bad things to us all and to our varied lifestyles. You best pray that "Kode Kamo" is around to show up and protect you. Code Pink couldn't stop a rabbit from raiding their veggie patch, no less a Muslime terrorist from switching your Bible for a Koran, or a spineless terrorist attack upon women and children of the world. These radical Muslimes are your enemy. Rep. Goode is a good guy. Leave the poor guy alone. Take heed! Be wary! Send money to Iraq.... Do battle there, not battle later on here at home where our kids and families will surely be harmed. Stand up, protect us now, not later.

Cisbemarlian, you are truly scary.

Yep, we must be truly scary folk. We're concerned for everyone's own health. As long as the Code Pinkers are around, then we'll be vocal because we haven't the time, the vacation, or the resources to contest the protest. Again, Rep. Goode is a good guy. Leave the poor fellow alone and let him do his business as our representative. The war is there. Let it remain there because we sure don't want it here. Until later....

Have a nice day. Don't stress out. Your time will come. We don't need to give "them" any reason to come here.

Sorry, I beg to differ with you. Before Code Pink, before 911, the radical Muslims decided, me and all of America, are the big bad guys with no differentiating amongst who is who. So, we are bad, because we challenge their 10th. Century lifestyles, their manhood and and womanizing ways of their religion, so therefore we must all be sent back to their time, sent back to living with goats and in substandard conditions, and sent back to thinking in some very conservative ways. So, end their desires of eliminating us by eliminating them first. Only until you have a sword at their throat or pointed at their leadership, will they contemplate giving up. If they are continually given a sliver of a chance to prevail with the help of Code Pink and the socialist movement of America's support, then they will continue onward looking for an opening, an opportune time to trigger their dirty little atrocities upon America and the worlds women and children as they try to Muslimize everyone. Oh, understand that they believe death is superlative to life. The death of a martyred child is a great deed. How sick and how very sad this thought process really is. A totally opposite thinking process to that of Westerners. Stop them now. Support Goode...Support efforts in the mideast and in other lands that will thwart their influence and their mission. Enjoy!

Casper the friendly ghost, is the friendliest ghost I know.

Correction: World Tribunal on Iraq, held in Istanbul. Anyway, going back to the Code Pinko calling our troops terrorists, that Gael Murphy standing next to that Code Pinko and Gael is one of Code Pinko's founders. Gael didn't correct that woman did she. Gael Murphy participated in the Beiryt Communique which also told the insurgants that had "a right to resistance". If Code Pinko is truely a "peace group" aren't they against all war and shouldn't they tell everyone in Iraq to cease fighting? Also, go to amazon dot com and put in Medea Benjamin, another Code Pinko founder. Here book is CUBA: Talking About Revolution. These Code Pinko leaders are hard core Hate America communists.

Code Pinko participated in the World Tribunal on Istanbul where the dfinding was that the "resistance" has a righ to kill American troops and that is supported by the UN Charter and international law. During the height of the fighting in Falljuah, Code Pinko sent $650,000 there claiming it as humanitarian aid, but that was totally non controlled and non-transparent. Given people in Code Pinko's leadership, I would suspect it all went to the bad guys just like Code Pinko's Sandra Brim did with the FLMN communists in 1986. They claimed humanitarian aid for everyone hurt, but sent it to the communist FLMN terrorists. Also search for "Code Pink" and "terrorists" on YouTube and see a Code Pinko member tell a foreign TV reporter that our troops are terrorits.