Trevor Moore goes nationwide with Whitest Kids

Remember the Charlottesville public access cult hit sketch comedy program The Trevor Moore Show? The one that featured a plucky teenager doing everything from paling around with a "Giant Walkin' Talkin' Box" to reenacting scenes from Hamlet with roadkill? Well, that class clown is still clowning around, only now he's getting paid to do it for a national TV audience.

Tonight at 11pm, cable network Fuse airs the premiere episode of The Whitest Kids U' Know, a weekly sketch comedy show from Moore's New York-based comedy troupe of the same name. Butterflies don't even begin to describe Moore's sense of anticipation.

"We've been performing this stuff for years, and we've worked on making it for TV for months, and now that it's done, it's like waiting for the bomb to go off, hoping people like it," he says.

The series launch will be the culmination of a long wait to get into TV. After the Whitest Kids' popularity began to spread through the Internet, they were a huge hit at last year's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, where they won Best Sketch. That provoked several TV execs to come calling.

"Sundance, MTV, and Comedy Central were all talking to us about doing a pilot," Moore explains, "but Fuse was gung-ho about getting it started and bought up a whole season's worth of 10 episodes."

And after The Trevor Moore Show's statewide run on family-friendly PAX-TV came to an end over too much "offensive" material, Moore appreciates Fuse's decidedly hands-off approach. Moore reports that his wildest material has slid by the network censors. "They pretty much let us do what we want as long as it's funny," he says.

The Whitest Kids U' Know airs tonight and every Tuesday night at 11pm on Fuse (Channel 339 on DirecTV, Channel 158 on Dish Network. It's unavailable on Comcast's basic package, but for a $26 upgrade, it's part of the Basic Digital Package).

–photo by Bart Atkins