Camblos seeks 5th term

Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos announced his re-election bid for the Republican nomination today in front of the Albemarle Courthouse, attended by fellow Republicans Delegate Rob Bell, Sheriff Ed Robb and sheriff candidate Chip Harding.

Charlottesville native/Crozetian Camblos has been Albemarle's top prosecutor since 1993, and he's run unopposed the past two elections. This November, he may face challenger Denise Lunsford, who is seeking the Democratic nomination.
Camblos recently was rebuffed by the local bar and the General Assembly in his bid for the Albemarle Circuit Court seat vacated in January by Judge Paul Peatross. And last year he drew fire for prosecuting four teenagers in what has been derided as the "smoke bomb plot" to allegedly blow up two high schools. However, Camblos received accolades his prosecution of a local businessman/cat killer which included a Perry Mason moment in court.

"I will continue working with the schools on the problem of underage drinking and the education of our children on relevant criminal justice issues," promises Camblos.


Sorry. I will be asking my family and friends to vote for Denise Lunsford this time.

I am fed up with several things Camblos is doing right now.

Maybe because Chip Harding thinks people worship the ground he walks on? The last time I tried to have a conversation he didn't have time to talk to me.

I personally think all the DNA foolishness on TV every week was to round up some name recognition in his upcoming bid to be elected sheriff in Albemarle County. And many people will fall for it.

Just like Mike Baird thinks maybe he can soon run for Charlottesville City Sheriff, and perhaps win based on his ex-sheriff father's "Carlton Baird" name recognition. He most likely wouldn't have had a job at the sheriff's office in the first place had his father not been sheriff and hired him. And the then City Manager Cole Hendrix actually had to change city policy after this hire. It nows reads a department head shall not hire or supervise an immediate family member. Mr Hendrix, thank you!!!


I don't know why Chip Harding would tie himself to the electoral lead weight that is Jim Camblos.

If you are interested - Denise Lunsford appears to have a very good website, which among other things outlines many reasons why she would be the better Commonwealth's Attorney.

Excellent link! Thanks!

My vote is for lunsford, I'm tired of Camblos making deals. All he cares about is conviction numbers for re-election not justice for families or the victims.

I'm glad to see that people are starting to talk about the future election for county commonwealths attorney.
Any person destined to be CA will come under the same type of criticism as Camblos has in the county. as
there will be supporters and nay saters for every candidate.

One thing the nay sayers are forgetting come this fall is that Camblos has one of the strongest and best qualified CA offices around. People work for him because he is a good leader and a man with strong family
values. Let him finish out his career with the next term.

Denise is making a good move in running for public office, but she's got the wrong office- she should be challenging the City Commonwealth's attorney. That's one that needs a shake up because someone has
become a little too comfortable. Rick Moore, the deputy, left a few years ago, Jon Zug left summer of 06
and Ron Huber will be leaving in a few short weeks. And guess what, they are all working for Camblos and
it ain't all about the money!

Denise is a great attorney and is just the type of Democrat the City of Charlottesville needs.
The county is a little too conservatve for her just yet- but she would be a breath of fresh air in the City!