Stewart brings stand-up to JPJ

In 2004, "Thomas Jefferson" did Jon Stewart the favor of writing the foreword to America (The Book), a spoof of high school civics textbooks as written by Stewart and his cohorts at The Daily Show. Now, Stewart will return the favor when he comes to Mr. Jefferson's University on Saturday, April 28 to perform stand-up comedy at John Paul Jones Arena.

Tickets to see America's favorite fake newsman go on sale Saturday March 30 at 10am. Seats will cost between $57 and $67 for the general public and can be purchased from the JPJ website, by calling 1-888-JPJ-TIXS, or at the JPJ Box Office, or at a Plan 9 record store. UVA students will be able to purchase a limited number of $32 tickets, but they must buy them in person at the JPJ Box Office and present their student ID.

The official press release declares that it will be the funnyman's first time performing in Charlottesville, but that's not entirely true. While playing for the soccer team at William & Mary, the young man then known as Jonathan Leibowitz took the field with the rest of the Tribe for postseason away matches at UVA in 1982 and 1983, losing to the Cavaliers 1-0 and 2-1, respectively. Of those games, Stewart recently told Soccer America that, "The only memories I have... is UVA kicking our a** every year in the NCAA Tournament or during the season," adding that "they were the fly in the ointment of our season."



I am very disappointed at the pricy price point. Can't he just perform at Gravity Lounge?

Pay the money. Crank it up to $100. DMB/Crapshaw need their share. They own all.

Anyway...I'll be there if I can get tickets.

The Fourth Saturday in April this year is the 28th.

The show is indeed on April 28th and has been corrected in the above post.

Lindsay Barnes
Reporter, The Hook

Jon Stewart the night of Foxfields? I don't know if I'll be conscious to make it...but maybe that would make it all the better.


Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks