‘Suspicious circumstances’ close two schools

The Crozet area is in an uproar this morning, as two county schools have been closed and their students "diverted" after reports of suspicious packages found at both Henley Middle and Brownsville Elementary.

Traffic is snarled, and County spokesperson Lee Catlin confirms that the side-by-side schools along Route 250 have been "sealed off" behind a "perimeter" due to what Catlin would describe only as "suspicious circumstances."

More as it develops from the Hook's reporter on the scene.



I'll bet $50 that this is an enormous overreaction to absolutely nothing -- some kid leaving a backpack in a hallway, or maybe UPS having delivered the principal's free Time Magazine Ominously Ticking Clock to her office instead of her home. The loser gives their money to the Charlottesville-Albemarle Foundation.

Who wants to bet against me? Anyone?

D'oh. There's a newer story farther up on the Hook blog, making this moot; it's a "cylinder" and an envelope.

O noes! A cylinder!