Police detonate suspicious packages at Brownsville, Henley

At about 11:45pm today, police robots detonated two suspicious packages found early this morning by custodial staff at Brownsville Elementary and Henley Middle Schools. At a press conference at the Moose Lodge near Crozet, Albemarle police Lt. John Teixeira said there were threats at two different schools."We have multiple agencies– city, state, federal, local– working on this," he said. "That should tell you how serious it was."

Teixeira says a police investigation is currently under way but refused to answer any questions specific to that investigation, except to promise, "We're going to find out who did this."

When they arrived for classes, students at Brownsville and Henley were transported to nearby Western Albemarle High School. Brownsville officially closed at 11:30; Henley closed an hour later. County buses transported those students without rides back home. All activities at Western Albemarle– including all sporting events and practices– will go on as scheduled.

Albemarle County Schools Superintendent Pam Moran says that custodial staff reported "suspicious activity that had occurred before school started." At that point, Moran says, "We immediately went into a mode of addressing how we were going to move students," before Brownsville was to start class at 7:40am.

Another press conference has been scheduled for 4pm today at the Albemarle County Office Building.


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Maybe they found a few firecrackers again.

Parents better check their safes at home and make sure they aren't missing any firecrackers!