See Tim McGraw in Nelson County… for $295

Want to see country superstar Tim McGraw but don't feel like going all the way to a big city? You're in luck! The two-time Grammy winner is coming to the Oak Ridge Estate in Nelson County for a one-time-only special concert Thursday, July 26. There are just two requirements for admission: a) You must drive a Jeep, and b) you must pony up $295.

Why the special conditions? As McGraw announced yesterday on his website, it's all part of "Camp Jeep," an annual three-day convention of the military-vehicles-turned-SUV and the people who drive them, put on by Daimler Chrysler. This will not be the first time Oak Ridge Estate has hosted the event. In 2004, an estimated 10,000 Jeep owners showed up for the Camp.

Proud Jeep owners who want to jump on this opportunity to rev their engines and see McGraw's set can register at Camp Jeep's official site and pay just $245 per vehicle until Tuesday, May 15. After that, Camp-goers must pay the full $295 per vehicle.

Non-Jeepsters can see McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, on their Soul2Soul Tour at Verizon Center in Washington, DC on Saturday, July 7 (cheap seats priced at $52.75), and at the Greenboro Coliseum on Friday, July 20 (least pricey tickets cost $49.75).



Is there a more pathetic human being? Pay big bucks for a corporate sponsored event that supports the oil industry. Oh has country music written all over it. Time to throw my dog, wife, and kids in the pickup, grab my shotgun, and a smoke before driving around in my Jeep.

Wanna know what's weird? There's no Wikipedia page for Camp Jeep. That's what's weird.