Code Pink 11 convicted

Eleven protesters who occupied U.S. Representative Virgil Goode's office were convicted of trespassing this morning in Charlottesville General District Court and given 30-day sentences, suspended on condition of two years of good behavior.

Unusual in the sentencing is that the protesters are not barred from Goode's office. "I'm not including the provision that you stay away from the property because you may be constituents of Virgil Goode, and you can go there, but you must act in a lawful manner," said Judge Bob Downer.

He also warned the Code Pink 11 they could not use his courtroom as a forum for political statement, an injunction many of the defendants tried to skirt. Downer cautioned defendant Patricia Sonne she was looking at a contempt charge when she tried to interject 18th Century British political philosopher Edmund Burke into the proceedings. Organizer Jennifer Connor had better luck quoting Martin Luther King Jr., but she, too, was found guilty of trespassing.

The protesters who pleaded not guilty detailed their frustrations at trying unsuccessfully to meet with Goode and express their concerns about the war. "In a representative democracy, the way to do that is to petition your elected official," said Jeff Winder, who was arrested February 21. "Unfortunately, here in Charlottesville, our votes don't count."

The Code Pinkers organized colorful demonstrations of their opposition to the war in Iraq in front of Goode's office just off the Downtown Mall four Wednesdays in a row. Those arrested are: Susan Frankel-Streit, Shelly Stern and Jeff Winder (February 21); Jennifer Connor, Mary Grace and Priscilla Sonne (February 28); Brian Buckley, Patricia Lloyd and Robert Shaw (March 7), and Alexa Barratt and Terry Lilley (March 14).


Jihadists would have a harder time killing American troops if the brave soldiers were home in Dubuque or San Antonio where they belong. Ten more of our wonderful soldiers killed this weekend -- for what? So we won't have to "fight the 15th century Islamist terrorists" here in Central Virginia? Just think about the absolute inanity of that argument. Bring them home now. Let the jihadists sort it out for themselves.

thank you for the courage to stand up and act. if only most of America were that brave or that passionate. Might not be in this mess.....
peace NOW.
DC Codepink

Courage is not placing your lazy butt in a sofa in a heated or air conditioned office soaking up their coffee and tea and offering yourself as a public nuisance to an elected official who is doing the work of his people. TV, radio and press coverage is all this is about. If you were to make your point you would have gotten appointments and come back and discussed this like a real constituent. Pinksters are not brave and they have no courage at all. Bravery and Courage is exemplified by our heroes defending our nation in a foreign land from 15th century Islamist terrorist, courage and bravery is fighting a backward thinking people who wish to take your bible away from you and if you dont give it up or give up your religion, then off comes your head. Courage and bravery is not acting like a Vietnam era hippie. Courage and bravery is getting a plane ticket to Iraq and working with the people there like many of our friends have and some of them did not walk home... they were carried home. They are brave. They have courage. You may have passion, but a misdirected passion. Thank God and thank goodness Code Black dealt with the nuisance 11 Code Pinksters even though nothing really was done to them. The same people with lengthy PROTEST RECORDS in other towns and cities across America will show up in another town and do their little hippie theatre. When are conservatives in Charlottesville going to start realizing how liberal the University and the schools have been in the teaching of our youth with our tax dollars. It is OUR money, not the school boards, not the board of Trustees at our State Colleges and Universities. It is our money to teach as we see fit. Stand up and make a change before these twisted minded folks get ahold of everyones child. When will we get conservative and ask for more moderate teachers who have the GUTS to speak up and teach our history, our laws. When will you all quit elected liberals to the Assembly. Somebody start speaking your conservative mind and get a back bone like Rep. Goode. I am against cloning but to clone Goode would save our nation and our community. God bless America. God help reasoning and understanding becuase a lot of folks dont really know what is going on in Central Virginia.

Hey Allison, why aren't you or Medea or other leaders don't get arrested? Ops, I forgot, you're not a leader anymore, the California chick is now. Why don't they do Jail Solidarity? Remember Rumsfeld's house where you tried and tried to get arrested and finally when you guys busted up the hedge you FINALLY got arrested? And how Medea took off immediately? Guess there was a table open at Mimi's and important Millionaire Marxists couldn't pass that up.

And Allison, tell the world how much of the $650,000 raised by Code Pink went to families of the Fallujah fighters and how much went to the families of US troops wounded or killed fighting in that pro-insurgent stronghold. And two weeks ago, Code Pink raised money towards that end again in Willits, CA. Tell the world how Code Pink participated in and endorsed the World Tribunal on Iraq, who's findings say that it is legitimate and JUSTIFIED for the armed resistance to engage of acts of desperation against the bruital occupier. In plain English, that tells the jihadists it's OK to kill American troops (it's legitimate and justified) and to drive carbombs into marketplaces and moaques killing civilian men, women and children. The Beruit Commuique that Gael Murphy attended had a similar endorsement, calling it a "right to resist". Again, Code Pink on our shores call our military criminals, our goals immoral and for the US to stop. Overseas, Code Pink tells the insurgents they are right, their cause is justified and to contuinue kiling Americans and innocent Iraqis. Allison, you and your Code Pink sisters have the blood of innocents on your hands.

Forgot to ask -- what do they want with my Bible?

The Islamist live amongst you right now in Central Virginia and you call them your friends. They belong along with your friends at the VOP in Charlottesville and elsewhere in our state. There are some in town with license plates proclaiming their faith and your future. Of course, you dont distrust them.. they are nice folks. You distrust Rep. Goode, our government, our military and anyone who doesn't go along with you and your bring them home philosophy of calling for a retreat/defeat. Many say kick their butts over there and let them herd their wives and their sheep into their rock shelters and read their ancient readings to themselves. You guys dont get the idea that they do not like you even if you are for them because you live in a modern way... the way of the great satan. You dont get it that they want you out of their way or converted to their religion. Your choice... so with your Bible you have freedom... and with them you are scarfed and smothered in ancient beliefs of being womanized and in servitude. Oh, so this is silly. What was 9-11? What was the Twin Towers bombing in 90's? What was that guy carrying in his trunk across the US/Canadian border and for what malintended purposes were those explosives intended? Silly... Inane? Give the readers a break... Go back to reading your Koran or your red book. Both are for making servants of the common people. Both are for keeping folks poor and not living a better and more educated advanced lifestyle. Until later.... got to feed the animals....

Go Raoul! I like your thinking. I must have missed your previous writings. Keep it up! Please continue! Some of the Hook readers may learn something if they wake up long enough to read some of what you and others say. Cheers...!

cisbemarlian, when are you going to realize that pretty much everything you believe is a lie, with the one exception of the truth which is found in your Bible? 9/11, the Twin Towers bombing in the 90s, The Murrah Federal Building Bombing, were all carried out by the US Federal Government. End of story. If you can't get this through your thick skull, then I consider you mentally retarded. Literally, not figuratively. Turn off your TV and cancel your newspaper/Newsweek subscription. You've been a common servant for far too long. I don't like hippies any more than you, and I think most of them are about almost as dumb as you sound on your posts, but not quite. You have a unique stupidity that just cannot be rivaled.

Consipiracy theorists . . . I'm still laughing. Evidence??? Oh yaaa, it is just a THEORY.

If not sooner.

I just looked in my bible for the truth about 9/11. Do you know what I found? Nothing. From Genesis to Revelation, I could not find anything about 9/11. I also couldn't find anything about a conspiracy by the U.S. government to kill its own citizens.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there anymore evidence somebody would like to cite to back up the incredible allegations that there are no radical Islamists looking to impose Islam on the whole world? Is there any evidence that anybody has that would back up the assertion that radical islamists don't really want to kill us or make every American subservient to them.

I believe the liberal left will be in for a big surprise when they start making concessions to radical jihadists and then find the women of this country being made into 4th class citizens that become less valuable than a milk producing cow. All the men will be made to worship Allah and bow down 5 times a day when the music comes across the loudspeakers. Those who don't bow down will be cane whipped in the street.

I bet when I served in Iraq that CIA agents were the people trying to kill me. The CIA probably hired some Arab looking men to carry out this elaborately planned consipracy. I can't even type this without laughing out loud :) . . . . . . . I'm still laughing. . . . .

Typical left personal attacks from Mr. Guiliano. Come on guy! Pull up some of your left wing brilliance and express yourself or come back with something with some basis of fact, not supposition. You can't shine less you say something with facts, real facts.

And, for Mr. Johnny Appleseed, who is our brave and courageous soldier who is home safe, thank God for him and other who have honorably served our nation and we as citizens. Hang in there Johnny. There are a few of us speaking with some conservative leanings. Raoul is another who is with us in spirit and I hope I am not speaking out of turn for him.

Anyway, somebody has got to speak out against these outspoken libs who have moved into Central Virginia and have pressed Rep. Goode for doing the right thing by doing the hippie routine on him with a sit in. So, hippie! Of course, you need to research some of these folks out on Google and learn their left records of dissent. They move here and there to do their thing. Central Virginia residents have got to get off their butts and get a back bone and start contesting the protesters and the left leaners who have seized or started these local organizations operating openly in the area of Charlottesville. Enough said today... Until later....

When are we as nation, going to look past the fact that we all have differnt views on world politics. It's time to realize it's about protecting our homeland from the radical left. If we don't find a way to stop the crap being taught in our schools, our future will be filled with mindless drones who beleive what ever someone else tells them. We need to teach our children to be thinkers and to decide for themselves what side of the fence to be on. If you let the radical left wing continue to posion there minds we will all be wearing turbans and bowing to the east five times a day. Being free is what america is about, free to me is not worrying about my family being killed by a carbomb in the foodlion parking lot. Thank you Johhny Appleseed for your service to our country, and the thousands of soliders who keep us safe from terror. God bless you and your families

Bravo, bravo to "needed to say something" for his comments of 4-11-07 at 10:02PM. Come back soon, come back often, come back and speak your mind. And, yes you are right we can come together and speak and act in unison against those radical groups both here and abroad who want to take us all back centuries and who believe in slaughtering their children, their daughters and their grandchildren for their ancient beliefs. How revolting is this thinking>
When are the Islamist in Central Virginia going to speak out and against this thinking. If they do not, then they must fear their own religion and whoever is watching them here that would punish them for speaking out.