Huja plans City Council run

The man known as the "Urban Turban" who left an indelible mark on Charlottesville during his 31 years in city planning will announce his candidacy for City Council April 12. Satyendra Huja hopes to go from retired City employee to City Councilor in the November election.

He, seeking a Democratic party nomination, says he's excited about community service at the policy level, and he supports lowering the property tax rate.

When Huja came to Charlottesville in 1973, his first project was the Downtown Mall. He also had a hand in the flowers planted all over the city and Art in Place.

So far, among the two other candidates who've announced their Democratic intentions– attorney Jennifer McKeever and Belmont resident Holly Edwards, who also plans to announce April 12, Huja sports by far the most name recognition.



I'll drink to that . . . but make mine a whiskey straight rather than any of that turban bourban.

The most name recognition among whom?? Among downtown journalists? Perhaps. But people in the African-American community know Holly Edwards from her years of service and from her family connections and many of them don't know Mr. Huja from Adam.

DO NOT presume to speak for the entire African-American community. Many of us DO know Mr. Huja from Adam. We not only know Mr. Huja, but we know his work, his outstanding service to the community, and his commitment to Charlottesville.

Oh! I"m so offended that somebody presumed to speak for me.
I'm so offended that you are not speaking so politically correct about everything.
Whatever . . . .
Like Charlottesville politics amount to anything other than self-righteous nobodys who seek to impose their idea of political correctness on this city, the state . . . and then ohhh haaaa haaaaa haaaa AND THEN THE WORLD! rock......marry me!

who the hell cares who runs for city council, nothing will get done anyway. There is lots of talk and very little action or follow through.


How about a turban full of bourban. Now that is a slogan and candidate I could get behind despite the fact I have never heard of this candidate who planted flowers all over Charlottesville.

LOL LOL, now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are. LOL