Maxwell brings home Kevin’s Bacon!

In mid-January, Robin Maxwell– an Albemarle mom, triathlete and businesswoman– received a devastating diagnosis: she has Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that could take her sight and rob her of the ability to walk and talk.

Two months later, Maxwell has turned that terrible news into something positive, becoming one of six winners in a national fundraising contest sponsored by actor Kevin Bacon and called Six Degrees, after the college trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The contest launched on January 18– the same day as her diagnosis, a coincidence Maxwell deems "providential."

Although she says she didn't learn about the contest for several weeks, she manage to quickly catch up to the competition by garnering more than 1,000 donations for a total amount of more than $18,000 and finishing in fifth place out of hundreds. The top six fundraisers– each raising money for various causes– receive an additional $10,000 from Bacon toward their charity. Maxwell's chosen charity: National Multiple Sclerosis Society of the Blue Ridge Chapter.

Her next challenge: riding her bike in the Charlottesville 150 on June 9 and 10. "It's the biggest fundraiser of the year for MS," she writes on her blog. "How could I resist?"




huh? I am commenting in Melinda's box but I say YEAH!! also!

This country needs a hero in the worst way.

That is WONDERFUL!!!

I hope you write a longer story on Robin. She is one of those rare spirits who can turn something so awful into a wonderful, inspirational tale.
Knowing Robin she will take her struggle national, and hopefully help motivate healthcare reform. We will all benefit from her drive and determination.
Rock On, Robin!

I hope you write a story on Marty. He definitely seems like a rare spirit. . . . That is proven by his logic, which I can't quite follow. I don't know how he connects fundraising to healthcare reform. Maybe he knows something I don't. Maybe Robin is running for Congress and will introduce legislation to reform healthcare as soon as she gets done with her next big fundraising event.

We are so proud of you, Robin! Thank you to your incredible fundraising, awareness and
spirit the 2,900 people who have been diagnosed with MS in our area have new hope today
of a future with a cure.
Aimee Carter
Director of Special Events
National MS Society, Blue Ridge Chapter

Robin, you are amazing! You have lit a fire under C-ville and so many more people are aware of this disease and our search for a cure. We can't thank you enough!
Erin Irtenkauf, National MS Society

huh huh . . huh. . . huh. . . . They said she brought home his bacon.