HookCast for April 12, 2007

Music Issue 2007, Cruise out at NBC29?, Goode weighs in on protesters

Under the radar and dreaming: The 2007 Music Issue
Nearly 13 years ago, Dave Matthews Band released its major label debut Under the Table and Dreaming and suddenly put Charlottesville on America's musical map. Some of the youthful musicians featured in our annual music issue, may not even remember that moment. In the fall of 1994, Eli Cook, Helen Horal, and all the members of Sparky's Flaw and Sons of Bill could have formed the greatest-ever band consisting entirely of preschoolers and kindergartners. Now they're all grown up, and experts like Boyd Tinsley, Bruce Flohr and Andy Waldeck say they're the ones to watch, because they have the stuff to take them from under the radar to the top of the charts.


Cruise control: NBC29 rips own anchor (for talking)
What seemed like a relatively tame topic, a Hook story about two former coworkers Beth Duffy and Kristina Cruise competing on rival television news programs, has exploded into a public airing of NBC29's personnel policies. And now NBC29 anchor Cruise has been sent home for talking to the Hook. What's next for Cruise and NBC29? What exactly is a fireable offense at the venerable TV station? We'll tell you what we know.

Sin the pink: 11 protesters convicted but freed
On Friday, April 6, demonstrators who occupied Congressman Virgil Goode's office were convicted of trespassing April 6 in Charlottesville General District Court and given 30-day sentences, suspended on condition of two years' good behavior. The protesters said they only wanted to meet with the man who wouldn't return their calls and letters, but Goode tells us that he responded to as many as he could and that, "I got the feeling they wanted to be arrested."

'Home' again: How former Fluco Daughtry defied the odds
He came in second in Fluvanna County High School's "Most Likely to Succeed" poll. He came up short and lost the American Idol competition the judges thought he'd already won. But these days it seems all Chris Daughtry can do is win platinum records and the hearts of sold out crowds like the one that will greet him at Saturday's Starr Hill show. How has he done it?

* Ralph Nader talks about his 2008 presidential plans
* What is or isn't proper for the downtown Free Speech wall
* What a local hairstylist is doing singing rock music in church


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So what is this about a secet meeting at NBC29? Everyone was sworn to secrecy! What is going on?