High winds rip down trees, wires

Charlottesville Police have blocked off the stretch of University Avenue between Emmet Street and Rugby Avenue since early this morning when a tree fell on power lines, and destroyed a utility pole.

"You crazy?" a pedestrian queried the Hook photographer. "That's live," he said, pointing to the scattered electrical equipment. "The cop down there said stay the hell away from that. See you at the hospital."

While that couldn't be independently confirmed this morning around 8:30am, prior to the arrival of electrical crews, Charlottesville Police Sergeant Richard Hudson confirmed by 11am that Virginia Power crews had arrived to fix the damage.

"It's gonna be an all-day affair," said Hudson.

Hudson said he had another report of a tree cutting power in the Meadowbrook area of the City. The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning, which will remain in effect until 2am.

The Service says Central Virginians can expect sustained winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour with gusts reaching 60 this afternoon and into the evening– with even stronger gusts at the higher elevations. Batten down the hatches, Aftonians!



Does anyone have any idea why Sunset Avenue Ext. is closed? Or why Albemarle County doesn't seem to find it necessary to put up signs to help people navigate the detour?

Gotta love freedom of the blog-press :)

My sister said there is a rather large tree down near Sunset Avenue Ext. She said she had to get to her house by going some back way through the new apartments they're building.