Buses bring free concert– but no Crow

We saw these buses parked downtown in anticipation of tonight's free Robert Randolph concert, but- alas- Sheryl Crow skips Charlottesville on the bio-diesel fueled Stop Global Warming College Tour.

Environmentalist Laurie David (and wife of Seinfeld creator Larry David) founded "Stop Global Warming" and will introduce Robert Randolph– and try to get college students to switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Crow, who headlines the southeastern tour, was reported by no fewer than three television stations- including NBC29, WCAV, and Roanoke's WDBJ- as coming to Charlottesville, but we checked with the promoters, and it turns out that she had long planned to skip this stop and join up with the tour at George Washington University April 22 in time for Earth Day.

But don't you skip, since Robert Randolph and the Family Band, whose charismatic frontman was interviewed by the Hook for a cover story last year, plays tonight at 7pm at the Pavilion for free.



Apparently Ms. David didn't have such a good time in out little 'burb.

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The former seems like a pretty accurate description. As for people complaining about using 40W bulbs, I don't have a bulb over 25W in my house. Never more than one bulb turned on. Why does anyone need blinding lights throughout a house? Why does anyone need to drive more than 1,000 miles/year? When will Curb Your Enthusiasm get started again?

Apparently, Mr. Knappenberger can dish it out but doesn't like to take it. There's nothing quite as arrogant or - worse - irrelevant as a critical blog posting that has comments turned off. Your blog doesn't seem to be that of one who is interested in two-way discussion. Seems more along the lines of "I'm right and you're wrong.' To each his own, I suppose.

If you look at the compacr florescent bulbs, theydo save electricity, but
1) the ywill not reducethe needfor power plants because an air conditioner uses 600 times the amount of electrictyand plants arebuiltforpeakcapaity.

2) flourecent bulbs contain mercury and most pople will just toss the compactonesin the trashand thus the land fill

3)china makes all of the compact flourecesnt bulbs and will need to build 6 coal powered power plants to make them which will NOT have the emissions of us plants.

4) new regulations REQUIRE all bedrooms to be wired with "arc" fault circuit breakers which click off when a flouresent bulb is turned on. Figure that one out.