Bomb hoax trial set for May 9

Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos tells the Hook that the trial of the two juveniles accused of orchestrating a bomb hoax at Brownsville Elementary and Henley Middle schools will begin Wednesday, May 9. But Camblos offered few details about where the two students are currently, and what they are and aren't allowed to do between now and the trial.

"I truly wish I could tell you more," he says, "but we're greatly restricted in what we can talk about because these are juveniles. The law is very, very clear that we can't talk about it."

The two Henley students have been charged with four felony counts of constructing and/or placing a hoax explosive device. On March 27, school officials at Brownsville and Henley discovered several suspicious objects, including a white cylinder with protruding wires, a dark-colored tube taped to a post, and a note with an anarchy symbol and a dripping red stain.

The discovery sent Brownsville and Henley into lockdown mode and all students to Western Albemarle High. Over 60 officers from up to fifteen local, state, and federal law enforcement and safety agencies were called in to aid in the investigation. Both schools re-opened the next day, and the following day, Albemarle police announced the arrests of the two Henley students and released pictures of the devices they had allegedly planted.

If convicted, the youths could be incarcerated until they turn 21.


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Incarceration is a good place for them. I'm sure they will learn they are not such "funny boys" once they arrive at the kiddie big house.