Kristina’s world: Cruise pic pulled

Embattled NBC29 anchor– er, make that former anchor– Kristina Cruise suffers the latest slight in her fall from grace for talking to the Hook– although sources familiar with Channel 29 say station management had long intended to replace her on the news at noon and 5pm to make way for new anchor Sharon Gregory.

As recently as April 19, Cruise still greeted viewers on the banner along with fellow anchors Mark O'Brien, Laura French, Shane Edinger, Steve Rappaport, and Crystal Cameron.

Today, however, it's Gregory who is firmly lodged in the middle of the NBC29 talking heads. Cruise reportedly was suspended four days and demoted to reporter after being sent home April 9.

When contacted by the Hook last week to see how she fared after being unceremoniously demoted, Cruise said she'd ask station management if she could talk to us. Not surprisingly, that was the last we heard.

So far, her biography still identifies her as an anchor. Gregory comes from another Waterman Broadcasting station, ABC7 in Florida.


Never doubt it. Sharon Gregory is a consummate professional and an anchor goddess.

I'll never forget where I was when I learned that the girl with the odd haircut was no longer on the NBC29 Web site.
This cuts deep.

Channel 29.
I am over you.

Did you get a look at her at her first Friday's After Five?
Not too professional.

Kristina's weird hair always creeped me out. Sharon is far and away a much better news anchor. But Annie
Scholz should be the future of 29 news.

Gregory is way too high on herself. We have turned them off!

The new sportscaster is kinda is annie scholz

Kristina Cruise lives on! NBC29 will have to go a long way to purge her from its collective media offerings. I saw her just this weekend, still ensconced in the banner of the NBC29 website, in one of its TV ads. Seems like NBC29 will have to be extra-vigilant and willing to shell out bucks to cleanse all its offerings of our gal Kristina.

The deficiency of talent (on-air and managerial) at NBC29 is only exceeded by their capacity for misguided self-importance and blundering incompetence. The Hook as thankfully exposed, and encouraged both in one fell swoop.

KCruise did her best and this cruel hyped-up ploy by you journo-hookers has jeopardized a fine young woman's career. I hope you reallly get those extra ad-sales from the effing car dealers and real-estate agents due to your soaring circulation and hit-counts.

Remember, you cynical a-holes, those heads on the teevee are people too, even the hacks and the hookers.

Dude...chill out...anyone who has watched the newscast can tell that Cruise is SUBPAR. She stuck out like a sore thumb, and did not have the stage presence or the camera savvy to pull it off. The new anchor (past history aside) is competent and contributes to the lineup more than Cruise EVER did. I

It seems clear that Cruise has friends here (or maybe she scours these boards herself), but lets call a spade a spade.

Oh...and nobody cares if her feelings are hurt...she chose this job. If you can't take the heat...get out of the friggin kitchen!

They're both fugly...really they need to get more talent or that station is sunk

Sharon has a lot of zits. SHe had a big red one yesterday and make-up couldn't even cover it up!!!!