City to reveal new park name Friday

The city will reveal the name of Charlottesville's newest park on Friday, April 27 at noon, during an Arbor Day Celebration in which Mayor David Brown will unveil the park's new sign. The celebration will take place at the park, which is next to the recycling center on McIntire Road. The park includes a walk/ bike path, which runs from Preston Avenue to the C'ville Coffee shopping plaza, as well as an Art-In-Place sculpture garden and lush greenery. Schenck's Branch creek also runs through the park, and has been monitored and cleaned up by The Living Education Center for the past six years. The new park should lend the McIntire Road area some much needed aesthetic appeal.

Upon news of the park naming contest this January, a Hook reader suggested, "Why does anyone even need to think about it? The Dave Matthews Park. Dave is all that matters." Another hoped to contact Comedy Central's Colbert Report for permission to name the park after the show's host, Stephen Colbert. We kind of hope the city didn't take those readers up on their suggestions.



And the name is...???

I'd bet Stephen Colbert would give Charlottesville some attention if the park was named after him. Which is the last thing this town needs.

Whoopee. A whole acre to play on. Don't touch the polluted creek or get killed by the horrendous traffic surrounding this "preserve".