School Board chair handpicks successor

Albemarle School Board Chair Sue Bell Friedman announced today she would not run for a second term representing the sprawling Rivanna District and endorsed Darden HR administrator Ronnie J. Price Sr. to succeed her.

Friedman, who was elected in 2003, cited the duties of her new job as head of the local Alzheimer's Association chapter for not running again.

Newcomer Price's previous political experience– aside from running for student council VP in the sixth grade– includes serving on Albemarle's school redistricting committee in 2005 during one of the county's frequent and heated bouts of shuffling students around. "I really got my feet wet," says the former Stony Point Elementary PTO co-presiden.

He's also volunteered on strategic planning committees for Albemarle County schools and CATEC, and served on the county's Parent Council.

A 20-year resident of Albemarle, Price has three kids: a 19-year-old daughter at JMU and two boys aged 11 and 13 at Burley Middle School. "This is the first year without parent pick-up in 18 years," he says.


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