HookCast for May 3, 2007

P. Buckley Moss, UVA gun arrests, Appalachian Law hero speaks out on Tech

Horsing around: P. Buckley Moss and not-folk art
P. Buckley Moss is a true Virginia superstar, and although her work will probably never hang in swank local galleries, that doesn't bother her (or her legions of fans) one bit. Lisa Provence goes beyond the barn walls to find out what inspires the storied painter.

VT fallout? One broken B.B. gun = four arrests
Not since students in an English class allegedly trespassed at an abandoned hospital has a UVA assignment resulted in as much trouble as this one. On Monday night, April 23, just after 11pm, police responded to reports of a gunman outisde an engineering building. More than two dozen police responded to find that four students were filming a skit for their Japanese class– using a broken plastic b.b. gun as a prop. Now all four face criminal charges.

First interview: Hero in 2002 shooting dislikes gun bans
Mikael Gross has thought a lot about that terrible day at Virginia Tech. After all he was involved in a similar incident, a shooting at a Virginia college where three people were killed. The difference? Gross and another student drew their guns, and students subdued the gunman at Appalachian School of Law in Grundy.

No-sex ed: Abstinence only aims for local support
In the cut-throat world of non-profit fundraising, where money means survival, the pro-life Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia won the jackpot in 2006: the federal government coughed up more than $645,000 to help them teach abstinence-only sex ed to central Virginia youth. How are they spending it? A program called Worth Your Wait, that's garnered popular support throughout the surrounding area and may soon be adopted in Albemarle County.

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