Hookcast for May 10, 2007

Festival of the Photo, John and Yoko in Charlottesville, Delighted Dems
Picture this!: Festival of the photograph comes into focus
Internationally renowned photographer Nick Nichols has documented some of the most remote areas the world but in early June, his sights will be set squarely on Charlottesville as he launches Look3: Festival of the Photograph, a project several years in the making and featuring gallery shows by famed photographers including Bill Allard, Sally Mann, and Eugene Richards along with smaller exhibitions by emerging shutterbugs.

Blue Monday: Delighted Dems mark political shift

Albemarle may be feeling Blue. In the not so distant past, Democrats often couldn't even scrape up a candidate to run in Albemarle County races. This year, the former minority party has not only multiple candidates, it has more candidates than nominations, and that has Albemarle Dem chair Fred Hudson practically giddy.

Freeze out: Bomb pops not welcome at Lake
The tinkling tunes can be heard a block or more before the big turquoise truck pulls into sight, a mobile pied piper trailing throngs of squealing children in its wake.
The first authentic ice cream truck to travel the byways of Charlottesville in more than a decade began making its rounds the last weekend in April, and while most neighborhoods are welcoming the sweet treats, at least one community– Lake Monticello– has banned the truck from its streets.

Ono? Oh, yes! John and Yoko liked Charlottesville
When a delusional fan shot and killed John Lennon outside his home in New York in 1980, his family lost a father and husband; the world lost a visionary. But what has never been confirmed until now is that Charlottesville lost its chance to be Lennon and Yoko Ono's summer home.

• McGuffey Park playground project breaks ground
*The health insurance conundrum
* The return of Artini!