Bold City slogan retired

For three years now, ever since Frommer's ranked Charlottesville the #1 place to live in America, the City has sported the slogan: City of Charlottesville: The Best Place to Live in America."

However, it what might qualify as a "jump the shark" moment, Charlottesville has fallen in the rankings, to #17 according to the latest edition of Frommer's, and the city has decided to retire that bold slogan for a more timid (and some might say clunky) one: "A Great Place to Live for All of Our Citizens."

However, according to City spokesperson Ric Barrick, it wasn't entirely a reaction to the new ranking.

"We knew we would have to change it eventually," says Barrick.

Barrick says the new slogan is part of the strategic "vision statement" adopted by City Council earlier this month, and was conceived during a weekend retreat and "brainstorming session" sponsored by a UVA professor at Wintergreen Resort in February.

"We knew the rankings were coming up," says Barrick, " but even if we'd been chosen number one again, we would have changed it."

So what do YOU think of the new slogan?



That is the worst place slogan I've ever heard. Right up there with "Texas: We're Not Mississippi." Seriously - how many tens of thousands of tax dollars did the city give to some marketing consultant to come up with that one?

Worst slogan ever? I'm trying to think of a worse are a few:

Perhaps it should be rewritten just a bit. Charlottesville: "A fantabulous little village that provides everything for least for us rich folks."

Or maybe...Charlottesville: The most expensive village in Virginia.

Or as the sign says when you drive in to town: harlottesville (since the C was removed).

So after reading this, can you even remember the new city slogan?

Charlottesville: A Great Place to Live for All of Our Citizens, but if you're from NoVa, New York, The Deep South, Tidewater, the Valley, or California just stay away, and if you're a student please contribute while you're here by visiting the Downtown Mall and then go home.

Define "Citizen".

Oh, why not!

Let' try this for size. " The place to live in #1 America." Yeah, sounds right for me.

Hope I don't upset too many leftist with this one!

Back to work....