Clear channel: WNRN gets new sound

Going up: WNRN's new antenna rises to the occasion via the crane on the right.

Regular listeners to WNRN may have noticed over the past month that the modern rock station wasn't coming in loud and clear. High winds April 16 blew the antenna off its Carter Mountain tower.

General manager Mike Friend could tell right away something had happened. "The top of the tower looked like there wasn't an antenna there," he says. "Fortunately we have a back-up antenna, but it's kind of sucky."

And Friend doesn't even want to think about what kind of blast blew off a 30-pound antenna with two braces and dropped it 80 feet away. "That puppy just took on off," understates Friend.

After more than three weeks of dealing with a weak signal and no way to inform the listeners who could no longer pick up 91.9, a new and improved antenna went up May 10. A crane came in, along with winches and taglines, to lift the new 300-pound puppy to the top of the 190-foot tower.

Friend hopes the listener-supported radio station's insurance will pick up the tab for the new equipment. On the plus side, "We can afford more antenna than we could in 1996."


the new antenna went up in the future? wow!

Oops. Thanks for alerting us to the correct date.