See Dave for $15,000 per ticket

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds will put on a special, intimate show on Saturday, July 28 on Long Island, part of a special five-concert series called "The East Hampton Social," featuring not only this dynamic duo, but also Prince (July 14), Billy Joel (August 4), James Taylor (August 11), and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (August 25). But this isn't just any concert series. To attend this party, music lovers are going to have to dig deep into their pockets.

In what some industry analysts say could start a trend, the only way to see Dave is to buy the ticket to see Dave and all four other shows. The only way to get your hands on that ticket is to go to the Social's official website, register for exclusive access to the website, wait for the registration confirmation e-mail– which contains your exclusive username and password, log in to the website to obtain the phone number and e-mail address to use in order to purchase a "social passport," and plonk down $15,000!

Of course, this fundraiser for Long Island's Ross School won't just be a concert. According to the event plan submitted to the East Hampton Town Board, attendees will be shuttled from the East Hampton Town Airport to the school. Upon arrival, the event will be held on the school's two soccer fields, with one being a "hospitality area" which will include four bars, a kids' room with PlayStation 3 stations, bars of its own (those bars being of the juice and ice cream variety), arts and crafts tables, and an "inflatable amusement." Fans are sure to be most comfortable during the actual show, as the amenities include more bars, bamboo mats, sling-back beach chairs, and day beds.

While Barbra Streisand and Alabama tied for last year's most expensive seats, at $1,000 per seat, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Social appears to be the highest-priced concert ever.
Daveheads hoping to get in on this ritzy rendezvous should act fast! Only 1,000 people will be allowed past this velvet rope.



Dave has a long history of philanthropy, but I'm surprised that he's participating in an event that benefits an independent school in East Hampton, a town known for being the summer haunt of NYC's most wealthy inhabitants. Ross isn't a boarding school, so the students who attend live in the area (as opposed to the schools that participate in Prep for Prep, which sends low income kids to boarding schools for free). This is pretty far from the Farm Aid, Katrina, Bridge School, and even the Tiger Kloof benefits in which he's participated in the past.

Check out tuition for the Ross School:

Pre- Nursery $10,750
Nursery & Pre-K $13,700
Grades K-4 $18,800
Grades 5-8 $21,000
Grades 9-12 $23,150

The parents of students donated over $200K to the annual fund at the school last year.

I guess congratulations to Ross School are in order for getting such a cast of musicians together.

Sick, really. But the multi-millionaires have to stick together. Poor picked on minorities. Maybe Clear Channel will buy the school and all will be karmic'ly aligned.

But the, it's cheaper than my kids school. Maybe Matthews will come play a benefit for Belmont Day School. Help all the area profs. send there kids to a good school.

Which does give me this idea - why not a fundraiser for the Assoc. of Independent Schools for scholarship and money and raise awareness that many of these schools actually have scholarships and are looking for a breadth of student body. Jay-Z and The Roots will have to play that one - and I'll be there.

Every time that Matthews has done such private events before, he's commanded enormous fees and given every penny of the proceeds to the band's charity, the Bama Works Foundation which, in turn, gives an enormous amount of money to the Charlottesville Albemarle Community Foundation. I suspect that's what's happening here.

C-Ville is #1 for most expensive concerts. C-Ville is a great place to live for all the rich citizens.

How much money did Dave end up giving to the people he dumped s*it on?


There are many magnet/scholarship students who attend Ross. That is the reason the fundraiser is necessary. EH can package this series well, because they can and enough truly wealthy "music lovers" will sign up. Good for them.

However, I will say this - the Ross School is also a leader in preserving the environment, raising social consciousness, the fine arts and teaching kids the value of philanthropy. There are very few schools like it and they do indeed have many scholarship students. Not everyone in East Hampton is wealthy. It's the obnoxious "haves" that give one of the most beautiful places in the world a bad name- that is a misconception thrown out to the country by the "Lizzie Grubman" loving press. Who can forget the summer of 2001, when bad taste and behavior reached an all-time high in the Hamptons.

If I could afford it, I'd send my child to Ross in a heartbeat.

That said, I am sure as Waldo pointed out, that Dave's fee will go directly to Bama Works. Also a good point: Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy, is a graduate of the Ross School, so that wasn't too hard.

Give it a rest Waldo... how many years now have you been Dave's personal fellatio manager?