City, Capshaw make Coal Tower trail

The City announced last night that it will create a new pedestrian trail linking the Downtown Mall to Carlton Avenue near the Woolen Mills area of the City, via the developing "coal tower" property owned by music mogul Coran Capshaw.

The announcement indicates that the so-called Coal Tower Trail will run from the East End of the Mall near the Lexis-Nexis building near the CSX/Buckingham Branch railroad tracks passing through downtown. Capshaw has revealed plans to transform a 10.8-acre site, what was once part of a working rail yard, into one of the largest– if not the largest– mixed-use projects downtown.

The City's announcement, arriving last night after 9pm, was just in time to coordinate with City Council's "Vision Week," a series of events emphasizing eight areas of future emphasis by Council and City staff. Monday focused on a “Connected Community” encouraging bike and pedestrian trail systems, sidewalks and crosswalk enhancement in residential neighborhoods.



Murder Trail! Sounds like the nickname already.

that's tasteless. not at all funny.

anyone see the cnn bit on cville ala capshaw? they didn't do much digging but once again town's on the front page... see "jefferson slept here"