Jon Stewart thinks Goode talks funny

Congressman Virgil Goode (R-Rocky Mount) got himself into a bit of national controversy in January when he wrote in a letter to constituents, "I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies I believe are necessary." Now our man in Washington is talking immigration again and it's gotten the attention of America's favorite fake newsman, Jon Stewart. Well, not so much what he said, but the way he said it.

In a segment during last night's Daily Show, part of a series of Republican soundbites expressing opposition to the new immigration reform bill, Stewart aired a clip of Goode, in his trademark Southside Virginia twang, saying, "It's a destruction of our sovreignity."

It seems that Goode's voice was enough to provoke a laugh from the studio audience as a grimacing Stewart remarked, "I guess that was Leghorn-esque." To hit home his point, an image of Looney Tunes cartoon chicken Foghorn Leghorn appeared to Stewart's left as he mocked, "I say, I say, I say, I say, I say we gotta respect my sovereign-TAH!"

For the record, Leghorn is not Goode's favorite animated pullet. According to the Hook's 2002 HotSeat feature, he's more of a Donald Duck man.

Speaking of Charlottesville's association with famous cartoons, our fair city recently found its way into the 400th episode of The Simpsons. As reported by Waldo Jaquith, while ordering the types of toppings he wanted on his ice cream, Homer Simpson listed a series of fictitious knock-offs of famous candies, including "Charlottesville Chew," which was pronounced CHAR-lottesville instead of the usual SHAR-lottesville, an obvious homage to the Charleston Chew.


Guys, it's a comedy show...its supposed to be funny. Lighten up. No politician, right or left, should be free from having jokes made about them. Cisbemarlian, tell me you've never enjoyed a chuckle over a Clinton joke....

Every time I hear Virgil talk, I'm reminded of Billy Bob Thornton's character in "Sling Blade": "Ah lahk the way you tahlk." It's humorous how xenophobic Virgil is, especially when you consider that his district had no problem electing a Congressman for whom English is CLEARLY his second language.

If US Rep. Goode was a Texan, a Bostonian, from Portland or even someone from Alabama you would not be making a story out of the man's broque. Shame on you. Goode is a admirable Virginian doing what a great elected conservative leader should be doing.
And, that is representing his people and showing his backbone to spineless libs from the ruined Jefferson campus in the city center.
This paper has a theme of being liberal and not being fair in it's reporting.
If you would change your way of reporting, then the result is that people wouldn't end up wrapping their catfish bones in your paper orplacing it in the bottom of their bird cage.
Readers would save the paper because you wrote an enjoyable & educating article worth saving to read once opposed to picking on the gentleman.
Typical lib approach to life.
Can't beat them with ideas and facts so you name call and pick on someone. Shame once more on you....
Back to work....

He's just another redneck Virginia racist politician. He deserves to be made fun of. Idiot.

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Good to hear from you. Nope, I don't go to the fringes. Yes, visited the right side of the aisle and I found Paul to be right the issues but he is very scary to me. He shows no leadership qualities except to make everyone mad at him. He needs to being bringing folks into his fold as opposed to scaring them. I am currently a southern fried Reaganite who i scurrently supporting Fred Thompson of Tennessee. That comment should bring out a few nut jobs. Thanks for the suggestion. Hey, on 9-11 I ain't going there. Come on friend, the theory stuff doesn't even get you to the batters box in that game.

Oh, and for Hokie...
Goode is no racist! The party he challenges daily, which is The Democrat Party is the racist in our nation but no one has the guts to call 'em racist. Even those they infringe upon don't have the guts to say so. Weakkkkk! Spineless except to call names.
See ya'll later...
Back to work...

Maybe he's not a racist, but he certainly is a bigot. It says so on his office window! Bwaahaa!

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I do listen to a lot of them when given the time via AM/FM/satellite/computer. Hannity, Shnitt, Rush, Savage, Ingraham, Beck, Prager, and Rush and when I get the opportunity and I want to get upset I will listen to the nut job Maher. I fear we are going to lose almost all of these guys totally over to satellite and computer and then conservative talk for America will be silenced by the liberal left in their next move to silence talk conservative AM/FM radio. I am with you totally on less government, less taxes, personal resposnibility, freedom, and family empowerment. I am with you on the constitution being a textual and historical believer. Atleast that is the way I see it. The weird and wild interpretations we have seen over the years by liberal judges like Warren, etal have aided immensely in destroying our nation as I see it. So, we agree, I think on that one, but I am in no way with you on the approach that the US of A did 9-11. Sorry, cant be led to believe that stuff. Some of my friends think Paul is a nut job. Especially a few conservative freinds down Texas way. The polls are rigged and you know it. Hey, you've stuffed the computer polls at least one time when you voted twice, or ten times again and again for someone to make your point hard. To "Lead" is to make the tough choices even when the public is not with you at the time the choice was made, but in the long run over time the people will see the leader made the right choice which turned out to be the best choice at the time. So, hope all is well....
Oh, Peter, the PC police should be knocking soon on someone's door down at the Hook and surely up at Comedy Central. Comedy Central gets no free ride. See what the PC Police did to Don Imus. Hey, he was a shock jock, they knew it, but he got fired and moved off to the barn for a stay. Oh, I forgot. PC police dont chase after folk who make fun of conservatives and Republicans and the way they look and speak, even if they are Southerners. But, let that be someone making fun of an Asian, a Black or someone from Portland, Maine who is a lefty and the world would have crashed in on them. Sorry, the rule books lean for the left. Until America gets a tough as nails leader in the White House and loses the gutless and spineless liberals in the Capitol, fires the liberals in the State Department and Central Dis-Intelligence Agency things are not going to change for the conservatives and a fair and balanced approach to life will still be far and distant.
Back to work...

OMG Cisbemarlian, didn't your mama tell you to beware of the Kool Aid? How the hell do you get ANY work done if you spend all day listening to those icons of intellectual emptyness, Hannity, Rush, Beck, et. al.? You left out O'Reilly - come on, admit it, you LOVE O'Reilly!

As for them moving to satellite, I can assure ou it's not a big ol' liberal plot. If you think for one red hot second that your heroes care one whit about you or your thoughts, you're out of your mind. They will go to satellite radio because they'll make a lot more money there. They couldn't care less if that means you'll have to actually PAY to listen to them - it's about the dineros, not about the immigration policy or Iraq or how big of a bitch Hillary is - it's all about the money. Those people are in it totally for the money - not at all unlike the TV preacher of old. Buy our books and tune in or Hillary gets elected! They're entertainers, not social or political geniuses.

Jeeze, wingnuts are so fricking predictable.

Oh yeah, Goode DOES talk funny! And he may not BE a racist or a xenophobe, but he sure makes statements that a bona fide racist or xenophobe would be likely to make. But don't worry - in his gerrymandered district he's safe unless he's caught with a dead girl or a live boy. Americans aren't worried - he was a useless, worthless Republican tool and accomplished absolutely nothing when the GOP had the majority, and he's even less dangerous now. Either way, he's irrelevant.

Music Lover!
Heck, darn, fooey! You thoought me out. Knew who I was already. Gee Whizz.... Gosh, I reckon I best go back to 5th. grade and have my teacher infiltrate my noggin' with left leaning theories of how bad our country is and how we have a baby killer military and that conservatives are as dumb as a box of rocks. Heck, I even missed out on the 7th. grade abortion class. I gave up because the frogs wouldnt sit still for us long enough to be successful in the abortion. Shucks. I just dont know why i repeated all this when you already knew cuz i'm so predictable. Shucks.

God, I'm glad not to be in Charlottesville anymore. You people really need to be put in the total-perspective vortex and have your little pea brains annihilated by the enormity of the entire universe and your own comparable insignificance... and that especially goes for Der Schnook!

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The Conservative Playbook

When confronted with factual information of any kind, or with an opinion that you either don't understand, don't want to understand, or can't understand, respond by being facetious, bringing up abortion, doing so loudly, and pointing out that the world changed after 9/11.

You forgot 9/11.

Sikh has it right. Insanity reigns supreme in this village.

Look out...chemicals are landing on me. Perhaps I should go buy a Y2K shelter, since it is clear we will all be killed due to technology.

When will the mods delete this entire thread? Are they off on vacation?