‘Wild animals’ appear on Mall

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Wild animals have taken over the Downtown Mall! Well, sorta. Yesterday, volunteers with "Look3: Festival of the Photograph," put up 25 banners– 50 giant photographs in all. As detailed in a recent Hook cover story, the nearly 7 x 10' photographs– wildlife images by Festival founder and National Geographic photographer Nick Nichols– are designed to whet appetites for pictures. But they almost didn't.

"The delivery was lost by the shipping company for about two days," says Festival co-founder Will May. "We received it at midnight the night before."

May led a small team of volunteers who spent about seven hours climbing ladders and swinging from trees yesterday. And the outdoor exhibition was just one of three exhibitionsmounted Monday, May says. But this one is the only one already open.

"They were blown away by it," May says of passersby. "One person said, 'I don't know what kind of world I'm in.' Another asked if it could stay up all summer."

Some of the photo artists who will be present for the June 7-9 Festival include Sally Mann, Bill Allard, and Eugene Richards.

"It's fun after all these months to actually see it," says another co-founder, Jessica Nagle.



Unbelievable.....what a great idea!

I like it - what a pleasant change from some of the current happenings...