Suspect named in bank robbery

Jeffery Alan Adams was arrested for attempting to rob the Union Bank & Trust today. He is 38 years old, and resides in Fredericksburg, according to City spokesperson Ric Barrick.

Barrick says Adams was arrested inside the bank after city zoning inspector Cory Jordan noticed the man trying to the lock the bank's front door behind him. Barrick says the man had a gun drawn at that point (Barrick could not say what kind of gun), and had already ordered the employees into another part of the bank. In addition, Barrick says police have already detained another suspect in Fredricksburg Fredericksburg, presumably the get-away car driver, but have not made a formal arrest yet.
As Barrick points out, Jordan's actions not only prevented a bank robbery, they may also have saved lives.

However, at press time, Barrick couldn't say for sure if the man captured on Splendora's security camera was indeed the man the police nabbed. For instance, the man was identified by Jordan as wearing a straw hat, a detail not in evidence on the security camera footage.

Still, one thing's for sure...Charlottesville's restaurateurs and government employees are true crime fighters!



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restauranteur's ... are true crime fighters!

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You're also not supposed to say "arrested for." It's "charged with"... saying "for" implies they did it, and unless they've been convicted, you open yourselves up to some liable law, my friends.

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