HookCast for June 7, 2007

New clues in murder case, Huja, Brown, Edwards get Dems' nod, City inspector thwarts robbery

Justice for Justine? Reward is boosted as new clues surface in the unsolved killing of Justine Swartz Abshire
Last November, Justine Abshire was found dead on Taylorsville Road in Orange County, victim of an apparent hit and run. Her distraught parents want her killer brought to justices and have offered a $50,000 reward for information about the accident. What happened that autumn night and how close are the police to an arrest? Courteney Stuart has the story.

Huja crushes: As Dems winnow their Council candidates
You can attend forums, you can blog, you can seek endorsements, but the Democratic candidates most likely to get on the November ballot for City Council were the ones who phoned it in, and Satyendra Huja had the party faithful on speed dial, who turned out in droves for the Downtown Mall architect at their annual nominating convention and chose him along with Mayor David Brown, and Holly Edwards.

Attention to detail: City inspector thwarts hold-up
For City zoning inspector Cory Jordan, the morning of June 1 started out like any other. At a little past 9am, he was walking to the Water Street garage from his office in City Hall to get his car to begin his round of inspections for the day. Little did he know he was about to become a hero, in an attempted robbery of the Union Bank & Trust.

Fatal distraction: Charges certified in baby car death
While acknowledging the tragedy of the situation, Judge Edward Berry certified two felony charges against Raelyn Balfour to the grand jury for the March 30 death of her nine-month old son Bryce, whom she accidently left all day in a vehicle parked at the Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, where she works. As the case moves forward, we learn more about how it happened.

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