DMB lifts Hook material for website

Long having been hailed for their originality as musicians, it comes as a bit of a surprise to some to find Dave Matthews Band borrowing so liberally when it comes to the Internet. As was brought to the Hook's attention this week, the band's website features a "Charlottesville" page listing local bands with pithy, often witty descriptions of each act. For example the author calls the Naked Puritans "Punk, minus the disconnect," and describes American Dumpster as, "Junk rock (That's not derogatory)."

Well, we here at the Hook know that kind of snappy syntax can only belong to Vijith Assar, our music editor. Sure enough, the vast majority of DMB's "Charlottesville" page has already appeared under Assar's byline in our Annual Manual.

"It looks like it was pulled verbatim from Vijith's clever rundown of the local scene," says Hook editor/publisher Hawes Spencer. "I guess the famous DMB taping policy is to be construed rather broadly."

Officials from DMB's Red Light Management had not returned a call for comment by the time of this post.



take it as a compliment to the Hook...

and Vijith Assar, of course!

So what? Why don't you sue him.....

Oh, there's no need for that. Royalties will suffice!

I agree with Dirt Farmer! Of course if you really hate the idea of DMB linking VJ's quips and Charlottesville Music to their website - keep harrassing them - I'm sure they'll pull it and put up something it it's place. It's such huge news and deserves all the media attention you can pull to it - quick someone call the TV stations!!

If it were ANY other big-name band, i doubt you'd be so patient. Their strong ties to Cville certainly make you think twice in how you handle. I'm sure you aren't fooled like some of your readers -- Dave and Coran's crew know Intellectual Property laws inside and out. I think how you've handled it well so far -- the story is a good nudge. At the very least, it sounds like Red Light needs a new writer for their Web site and perhaps a real communications person to handle their press queries...